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Joe Rogan lets his kids strike him ‘as hard as they can ... it hurts’

UFC commentator has a punch me as hard as you can policy with his children.

Joe Rogan gets a whooping at home from his children.

Rogan, 54, is a martial artist through-and-through and that extends to his family. Indeed, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) commentator has three children who are permitted to beat him up at their leisure.

“My kids are allowed to hit me as hard as they can,” Rogan told Cigar Aficionado (h/t MMA Junkie) “I teach them — they’re taking martial arts classes — but I teach them… It hurts.”

Rogan’s obsession with martial arts was rooted in fear.

“I went from being a kid who was terrified of conflict to being a martial arts champion,” he explained. “The reason why I became a martial arts champion is I was being picked on all the time. I was like, I do not like this. So I am going to become what I am terrified of.

“Martial arts develops your human potential, when you get through something really, really difficult” Rogan continued. “There is nothing more difficult, outside of war, than agreeing to step into a closed area with another guy who’s a f*cking trained killer.”

If you would like to hit Rogan, you can do so in all three entries of the EA Sports UFC franchise.

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