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Midnight Mania! Conor McGregor slams Nate Diaz over contract negotiations, ‘know who made you’

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Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Nathan Diaz vs. Conor McGregor 3 will likely happen at some point in the next decade, but until then, we have almost weekly Twitter clashes to keep us interested.

At this point, there doesn’t even need to be a real reason for one rival to snipe at the other. Somehow, this latest shot from McGregor began after British political advisor Dominic Cummins advised Diaz not to resign with UFC.

“Do not sign new UFC contract,” Cummins tweeted to Diaz. “You will make more cash outside AND @danawhite will come do a deal at some point for trilogy @TheNotoriousMMA fight, but outside you’ll have much more leverage & make more $. Look how they screwed @GeorgesStPierre, now waiting for contract to expire.”

McGregor didn’t respond to that advice directly, but he replied to his own site’s article on the subject — ever the businessman!

“Advised by who?” McGregor mocked. “Does this lanky streak of piss think he business savvy or something? Hey bro. You’d 15 fights in the ufc and were on 20k to fight 20k to win hahahaha 15 fucking fights. In the ufc! Eyelid hanging off your head and handed a 20k check pre tax. Know who made you.”

There is some truth to McGregor’s trash talk. Prior to Diaz’s initial bout vs. the Irishman, Diaz was in the midst of ugly contract negotiations that resulted in the infamous not a “Needle Mover” comment that has since been proven false. On the flip side, Diaz could certainly argue he made himself by choking out McGregor at the height of his powers.

Expect a Diaz response in 2-3 business days.


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Sleep well Maniacs! More martial arts madness is always on the way.