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‘Bruised’ movie trailer drops feat. Halle Berry, UFC champ Valentina Shevchenko

Without suspension of disbelief, we might never be able to accept that Hollywood star Halle Berry can hold her own against reigning women’s flyweight champion Valentina Shevchenko, though to be completely honest, I’m not sure there is any amount of movie magic that can sell me that onscreen fight.

Berry stars as “Jackie Justice,” a former UFC fighter who is down on her luck, ends up embracing her role as single parent, and battles her way back to respectability at the expense of “Bullet,” while also participating in a few smokers along the way.

Not exactly the most complex plot, but it sure looks better than this unflushed turd.

Berry, who turned 55 back in August, was trained by Shevchenko — as well as featherweight veteran Brian Ortega — for her performance in “Bruised.” A movie about fighting typically lives and dies on the authenticity of its fight scenes, so we’ll find out if Berry and Co. make the grade on Nov. 24 via Netflix.

Sorry, Cat.