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PFL champ Kayla Harrison ‘impressed with wrestling fans’ — but insists MMA fans ‘can be better’

WSOF NYC - Kayla Harrison Photo by Ed Mulholland/Getty Images

Undefeated PFL lightweight champion Kayla Harrison has once again blasted her way into the season finals, this time against former Invicta FC standout Taylor Guardado. They’ll collide for the $1 million championship payout on Oct. 27 from inside Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Fla., live on ESPN2.

But as PFL inches closer to its 2021 finals, both Harrison and Guardado have been sacked by mouthy mixed martial arts (MMA) fans who make a hobby out of talking shit on Twitter. Chief among them are stateside fans, who are widely considered to be the worst fans in all of sports (according to this former champion).

“Just these people with these opinions. I don’t understand this world that we live in where these people who have never dared to be great at anything in their lives have the audacity and the courage to comment on other people’s choices and decisions,” Harrison told Drake Riggs. “And not even that, they just comment on their looks or they just say mean shit. I’m like dude, how? Why? What? Is this really... does that make you feel better? Does that make you feel like a better person to do stuff like that? I just can’t believe it. Twitter be wild, man. Nobody cared in Judo. MMA fans are… you can be better, MMA fans.”

The 11-0 Harrison was a recent guest on All Elite Wrestling (AEW) as part of Dan Lambert’s MMA entourage. The American Top Team (ATT) owner has been making regular appearances on the TNT broadcast to help promote his brand of fighting — and because he’s a huge wrestling mark with the resources necessary to participate.

Turns out the wrestling fans made a lasting impression.

“I like wrestling fans,” Harrison continued (via “They flip you off when you’re the heel but then they’re like, ‘Just kidding, I love you!’ You know? And I’m like, ‘I love you too!’ It was really cool to see that [Chris] Jericho guy walk out and then they cut off his music and 20,000 people just sang his song to him. I was like, ‘damn.’ That is love. I said this in another interview, but if you did that in an MMA crowd they would just be like, ‘WOO! WOO! WOO!’ So, I was impressed with the wrestling fans.”

Despite her enjoyment during last week’s “Dynamite” appearance, Harrison assured the combat sports media that a transition to pro wrestling is not in the cards. At least not while there are MMA championships to be won, starting with the 155-pound title later this month in “The Sunshine State.”