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Watch the clowns at NSAC try to kill wobbly Aspen Ladd during botched UFC weigh in

To see the full video of Ladd’s weigh in, which dragged on for an excruciating 10 minutes, click here.

Hey, remember that time Aspen Ladd nearly died on the scale and everyone at UFC and the state athletic commission just stood around and watched? Well this time the people charged with her health and safety leapt into action ... to help finish her off once and for all.

I’m not sure how else to explain the bizarre scene at the UFC Vegas 38 weigh ins earlier today (Oct. 1) at APEX in Las Vegas. Ladd initially lumbered to the scale with her clothes on and weighed 141 pounds, a full five pounds over the bantamweight limit (135) when factoring in the one-pound allowance for non-title fights (136).

Then came the box of shame, followed by a bag of towels to cover ... well, I’m not sure what they were covering since the whole point of the shame cube is to hide athletes who need to weigh-in naked. In addition, Ladd was visibly shaken and unable to stand with her arms above her head, a clear sign she endured yet another brutal weight cut.

As of this writing, Ladd is still scheduled to fight Macy Chiasson on the UFC Vegas 38 main card.

I’m sure everyone will rage tweet and call for a complete overhaul of the weigh-in process, just like last time. Then a few days will pass and everyone will calm down and move onto the next hot topic, because nothing ever really changes until it becomes bad for business.

Ya’ know, like this.

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