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Bellator 267 results: Live streaming play-by-play updates | ‘Lima vs MVP 2’

Bellator 267: “Lima vs MVP 2” is set to air TODAY (Fri., Oct. 1, 2021) from inside Wembley Arena in London, England, which will be headlined by a Welterweight rematch between Douglas Lima and Michael Page. Co-headlining the event is Leah McCourt taking on Jessica Borga in a Featherweight affair. Bellator 267’s main card will air on Showtime at 4 p.m. ET. will deliver results for the full card and comprehensive play-by-play for the televised portion of Bellator 267 below.

Many readers check in before, during and after the fights to share their thoughts on all of the action. Feel free to leave a comment (or 267) about the bouts and chat with all the other Maniacs during the show — it’s always a lot of fun!


170 lbs.: Douglas Lima vs. Michael Page - Page via split decision (HIGHLIGHTS!)
145 lbs.: Leah McCourt vs. Jessica Borga - McCourt via unanimous decision
145 lbs.: Robert Whiteford vs. Andrew Fisher -Fight ends in No Contest (NC), eye poke
155 lbs.: Yves Landu vs. Tim Wilde - Wilde via unanimous decision
205 lbs.: Luke Trainer vs. Yannick Bahati - Trainer via second round TKO
170 lbs.: Lewis Long vs. Michael Dubois - Long via first round submission
155 lbs.: Kane Mousah vs. Davy Gallon - Gallon via unanimous decision (OUCH!)
125 lbs.: Petra Castkova vs. Elina Kallionidou - Kallionidou via first round submission
145 lbs.: Fabacary Diatta vs. Nathan Rose - Diatta via unanimous decision
170 lbs.: Jack Grant vs. Nathan Jones - Grant via first round TKO
115 lbs.: Chiara Penco vs. Katharina Dalisd - Penco via first round submission (armbar)
135 lbs: Khurshed Kakhorov vs. Jair Junior - Kakharov via unanimous decision


Douglas Lima vs. Michael Page

Round 1: Page starts off with his crazy footwork. A lot of feints. High kick misses for Page. Page goes in and lands a trip, Lima bounces back up. Page clips Lima with a right hand that drops him! Lima gets back up. Spinning kick from Page nearly lands. He misses on a right hand and Lima closes the distance to land the takedown. Lima in guard. Lima postures up and tries to stack page, who is holding on to Lima’s wrists. Lima lands a few solid shots while Page tries to escape. Page simply holding on to Lima’s wrists. Crowd booing. Up kick from Page and Lima lands a couple of heavy leg kicks to end the round. 10-9 Lima

Round 2: They fire off low kicks at the same time. Nice straight right from “MVP.” Both men are a bit hesitant here in the first minute of round two. Lima lunges in with a wild left hook and Page smoothly evades it. Lima lands a calf kick and drops Page, and narrowly misses a huge right hand. It was eerily similar to how Lima knocked Page out in the first fight. A lot of feints from Page, throws a looping right hand. Page attempts a weak takedown. Kick to the body from Lima. Left hand lands for Page. Not a ton of action from either man in this round. Tough one to call. 10-9 Page.

Round 3: Page is doing a lot of movement but not really throwing much. Lima is being patient, looking for the counter. Not exactly the fight fans expected. Lima goes in for a one-two. Page slips to the canvas and avoids a huge right hand. Kick to the body from Page. Page leaps in with a right hand, catches Lima in the back of the head. Lima pushing forward looking for an opening. Lima goes in and lands a takedown. That is huge in a fight that has little action. Page holding on while Lima peppering his ribcage. Page not doing much to escape, just holding on to Lima’s wrists. Lima rains down punches and Page tries some offense with up kicks. Nice elbows from Lima land to close out the fight. 10-9 Lima

Final Result: Page def. Lima via split decision

Leah McCourt vs Jessica Borga

Round 1: They clinch right away, Borga pushes McCourt up against the cage. Knee from McCourt. They tussle for positioning and McCourt keeps firing off knees to the body. McCourt trips Borga and is now in guard. Borga looking for a kimura. McCourt in a tough, awkward spot. Borga still trying to sink in the kimura. McCourt content with playing defense and she escapes. McCourt now gets to her feet and is peppering her foe’s legs with kicks. Nice one-two from McCourt. McCourt with a nice entry and clinches with Borga. Borga once again looking for a kimura. It looks like she has it, McCourt escapes and Borga ends up on as the round comes to a close. 10-9 McCourt.

Round 2: McCourt comes out a bit more aggressive in round two with her striking. Borga trying to fire back but doesn’t get in range. Nice low kick from McCourt. McCourt trips Borga down to the canvas and is in side control along the fence. Borga tries to cage walk to escape, no go. McCourt back to her feet. Borga gets up, as well. Right hand lands for McCourt, she eats one herself. Borga is exhausted. McCourt piling on the pressure. McCourt trips Borga again and she gets right back up to her feet. 10-9 McCourt.

Round 3: McCourt lands a straight right and eats a left hook for her efforts. Nice right hand lands for McCourt. A couple of low kicks land for McCourt. Borga really needs to put her foot on the gas pedal and look for a finish down two rounds. There is no sense of urgency, though. McCourt is also content with riding out the clock for a decision, not really risking the win looking for a finish. Double jab from McCourt. McCourt lands a powerful right hand, Borga absorbs it and keeps pushing forward. McCourt pretty much landing anything she throws, but nothing with a ton of power. McCourt cruises to victory here. 10-9 McCourt.

Final Result: McCourt def. Borga via unanimous decision

Robert Whiteford vs. Andrew Fisher

Round 1: Low kick from Whiteford lands. High kick from Fisher finds its target. Whiteford a bit tentative to start. He catches a kick from fisher and pushes him down to the canvas, lets him get back up. Another high kick from Whiteford lands. Whiteford gets a poke to the eye, pause in action. Jab to the body from Fisher. Fisher goes in for back-to-back jabs. Whiteford taking his time, not rushing into anything and lands a nice left hand. Close round 10-9 Whiteford.

Round 2: Fisher with a low kick, Whiteford lungs in with a shot to the body. Fisher looking for an opening. Straight right hand lands for Whiteford. Whiteford with a double jab attack, then a right to the body. A pause in action after Fisher pokes Whiteford in the eye. Whiteford really struggling to open his eye. The doctor comes in for a look. This is the third eye poke he’s suffered in the fight. The fight is called off.

Final Result: Fight ends in a No Contest (NC), Whiteford suffers multiple eye pokes

Luke Trainer vs. Yannick Bahati

Round 1: Bahati with a spinning kick. Trainer fires back with a stiff jab, then a left hand. Bahati with another kick that’s caught by Trainer, who takes him down. Side control for Trainer, fires off some short elbows. Trainer postures and unleashes some ground-and-pound. Bahati is in a bad position. Trainer is now in guard. Bahati scoots his way over to the cage and manages to get back up. High kick from Trainer, Bahati fires back with a right hand. Trainer with a kick to the midsection, another, then a low kick. Bahati looks a bit tired here. Lunges in with a right hand. Trainer ducks a right hand, front kick to the chest lands for Trainer. Trainer lands a left hook that wobbles Bahati. Trainer goes in and tries to finish the job but the round comes to an end. 10-9 Trainer.

Round 2: They exchange jabs. Trainer looks a bit fresher going into the second round. Lands another left hook. Low kick from Trainer. Trainer fakes a flying knee, weird. Bahati whiffs on a huge right hand. Bahati complaining of an eye poke. Action isn’t stopped. Bahati lands a nice spinning elbow but Trainer eats it. Trainer pushing Bahati up against the cage, looking for a takedown but Bahati defends well. Big elbow lands for Trainer that drops Bahati! Bahati is hurt and Trainer goes in for the kill. Mike Beltran steps in after Trainer lands two more shots to save Bahati from taking further damage. His left eye is mess.

Final Result: Trainer def. Bahati vis second round TKO

Yves Landu vs. Tim Wilde

Round 1: Wilde lands a solid kick to start things off. Nice jab frim Wilde. Landu with a right hand that connects, Wilde shakes it off. Landu blocks a kick and takes Wilde down in the process. Half guard. Wilde manages to get back up. Landu takes him down again. Wilde back up, throws a kick, Landu catches it and knocks him down with a left hand. Wilde gets back up once again. Wild exchange of strikes, nothing lands for either man. Landu goes in for the takedown and he gets it. Wilde gets back up rather easily again. Low kick lands for Wilde. Landu looks a bit tired here. Big right hand from Wilde nearly finds its target, low kick from Wilde. Spinning wheel kick from Wilde finds nothing but air. 10-9 Landu.

Round 2: Wilde lands a low kick that forced Landu to the mat. He gets back up. Action has slowed a bit here in the second round. Spinning backfist from Wilde. Wilde lunges in with a right hand. Oblique kick from Wilde. Flying kick from Landu into a superman punch. Wilde returns fire with another spinning backfist. Landu goes for the takedown, stuffed. Big looping right hand for Wilde lands. High kick from Wilde. Landu shoots for another takedown but Wilde stuffs it as the round comes to an end. 10-9 Wilde.

Round 3: Nice jab from Wilde. Shot to the midsection from Wilde. Overhand right from Wilde grazes Landu’s chin. Leg kick from Landu. Nice jab from Wilde, snaps Landu’s head back. Leg kick lands for Wilde, and another. Landu’s lead leg is taking a lot of damage with those kicks. Landu shoots for a takedown, stuffed by Wilde. Another solid shot to the body for Wilde lands flush. Landu eats a solid leg kick, shoots and gets stuffed. Low blow from Landu halts the action, Wilde taking a minute to regroup. Action resumes. Nice right hand from Landu. Landu shoots for another takedown and gets stuffed one final time. 10-9 Wilde

Final Result: Wilde def. Landu via unanimous decision

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