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UFC Unfiltered caught filtering mentions of PFL-bound Anthony Pettis

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UFC Fight Night: Pettis v Alvarez Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

If you’re going to name your show “UFC Unfiltered” then you probably shouldn’t get caught filtering content. Unfortunately for hosts Matt Serra and Jim Norton, who helm the promotion’s official podcast, they have no control over what happens once the audio ends up in the hands of their editors.

See for yourself:

Former UFC lightweight champion Anthony Pettis fought out his contract with UFC and left on good terms, but once you sign with a competing promotion — in this case Professional Fighters League (PFL) — you become enemy of the state.

I guess it beats getting Silva’d.

It’s kind of a shitty way to treat a fighter like “Showtime” who spilled gallons upon gallons of blood during his decade-long run split between UFC and the ZUFFA-owned WEC. Pettis was just the second fighter to score his own Reebok deal and even landed on the cover of Wheaties.

I guess Overkill said it best: Thanks for nothing!