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Anthony Pettis ready for boxing crossover, praises ‘better’ Jake Paul and his ‘athlete’ brother

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The PFL star is ready to try his luck in the “sweet science.”

Back in the old days, guys like Bo Jackson and Deion Sanders were praised for being two-sport athletes, alternating between successful NFL and MLB careers. But for some reason combat sports fans like to roll their eyes when fighters try to cross disciplines.

That won’t stop former UFC lightweight champion Anthony Pettis from pursuing a fight in the “sweet science” somewhere down the line, since “Showtime” grew up watching all the great pugilists of his childhood.

“Bro, I would love to box, I haven’t boxed yet, so I’m 0-0,” Pettis told TMZ Sports. “Boxing’s something I grew up watching my whole life. That’s why I got into fighting, honestly. Watching Chavez, De La Hoya, Mayweather, all these guys. I would love to go in there and try something new, even kickboxing is something I never got to do. I definitely think before I retire boxing is something I would do.”

Pettis broke away from the pack when analyzing the recent pugilistic adventures of YouTube stars Jake and Logan Paul. “Showtime” was particularly impressed with how Jake flatlined NBA star Nate Robinson last November.

“He looked good against another professional athlete,” Pettis continued. “I think he’s definitely getting better. He prepared for a boxing match, so you could tell he was in boxing shape. He was in a stance, at least. But it’s going to be interesting to see how far he can go with it. He’s definitely an athlete. You look at both of the brothers, they’re definitely in good shape and they stay in good shape. It’s not like they’re two couch potatoes jumping in there against professional athletes. They definitely train the part.”

Pettis may not be the “final boss” ... but he’s definitely a mini-boss for someone like Paul.