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Henry Cejudo mocks Ryan Garcia for knockdown in Luke Campbell fight — ‘I’ll make you shine my shoes’

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Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) bantamweight champion Henry Cejudo, who also wore gold at 125 pounds, has been trying his damnedest to score a crossover fight against undefeated boxing sensation Ryan Garcia.

The problem for “Triple C” is that he uses the same “bend the knee” shtick for everyone — even fighters of the opposite gender — so it’s hard to take his Twitter talk seriously. That’s probably why Cejudo instead targeted Garcia’s last fight, where “The Flash” suffered a knockdown against Luke Campbell.

“You bent the knee yesterday once yesterday against Campbell,” Cejudo incoherently wrote on Sunday. “I’ll make you shine my shoes.”

Ordinarily I would ignore that kind of talk from Cejudo (and encourage you to do the same) but we are living in a world where one of the greatest boxers of our generation is granting freak-show fights to celebrity DudeBros, so nothing can be ruled out.

Cejudo, who turns 34 in February, retired from mixed martial arts (MMA) after stopping Dominick Cruz last May. While there was early talk of a potential return, that may not happen until all other avenues prove to be dead ends.

Probably only a matter of time.