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Dillon Danis calls out Jake Paul for ducking him

Ben Askren isn’t the only easy target Jake Paul hopes to embarrass in boxing. Bellator fighter and Conor McGregor coach Dillon Danis is also fishing for a payday against the YouTube personality.

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YouTube personality Jake Paul continues his insidious insertion into the combat sports world with a boxing match against former Bellator and ONE FC champion Ben Askren on April 17, 2021 (details). Some mixed martial arts (MM) fans are psyched because they think Olympic athlete Askren is more than enough of a “real” fighter to finally make Paul pay for stepping into the ring, unlike past opponents who have been fellow YouTubers or retired NBA players. Others look at “Funky’s” wrestling-heavy game and lukewarm striking abilities (and recent hip replacement) as a grim sign Paul is going to earn a win over a “real” fighter.

If that’s the case, then we’ll never hear the end of this.

But let me assure you: We’re not going to hear the end of whatever the hell this is until Paul fights are no longer commercially viable. And, unfortunately, that could be awhile.

Win or lose, we feel like there’ll still be interest in a fight between Jake and Conor McGregor’s Brazilian jiu-jitsu coach Dillon Danis. The two have been harassing each other on social media for years now, and Danis is clearly upset that Paul isn’t waiting for him to recover from a knee injury to fight.

Check out Danis’ reaction to Paul’s fight announcement:

Danis isn’t joking regarding a knee injury. He recently posted this video showing the knee wiggling around in the joint that is guaranteed to creep you out.

Danis thinks the elastic bands holding that leg together should heal enough by early summer to fight, and with the McGregor connection we guarantee you that Jake Paul vs. Dillon Danis is going to be the Paulie Malignaggi vs. Artem Lobov of 2021. Unless, of course, Askren proves that even a low-level striker with elite MMA experience is still levels above someone who’s been knocking out amateur competition.

We can only hope ...

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