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How much is UFC belt worth? Donald Trump discloses Colby Covington’s championship gift

How much is a UFC belt worth?

That depends on who you ask. According to this former UFC titleholder, each strap costs somewhere around $300,000, though I would recommend due diligence before rushing to the counter on Pawn Stars in an effort to save yourself some embarrassment.

It might only fetch you $650.

That’s according to the disclosure filing from former United States President Donald Trump (via Hollywood Reporter), who listed his Oval Office assets prior to skipping town in favor of Joe Biden. Trump was gifted the UFC interim welterweight title from MAGA fanboy Colby Covington back in 2018.

Pretty sure Ricco Rodriguez got more than that on Ebay.

UFC President Dana White told the combat sports media that he spent $50,000 to create last November’s “BMF” belt, awarded to Jorge Masvidal for his technical knockout victory at UFC 244 in New York. I’m sure the true value lands somewhere in between the two.

Still a pretty penny for this legendary belt collector.

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