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Midnight Mania! Dana White feared for Calvin Kattar’s life following Max Holloway mauling

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UFC Fight Night: max Holloway v calvin Kattar Dana White MMA news Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC

Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Max Holloway broke several records when he pummeled Calvin Kattar for 25 straight minutes just over a week ago. The Hawaiian landed a simply absurd number of punches, knocking Kattar around the cage and nearly forcing a stoppage in both the second and fourth rounds.

It will go down as an all-time great performance from Holloway, but what about the consequences for Kattar? As revealed a in a video titled, “UFC’s Grand New Stage,” designed to promote the Eithad Arena on Fight Island, White was revealed to be very nervous about the recent UFC Fight Island 7 main event.

Speaking with UFC EVP Hunter Campbell, White expressed genuine concern about Kattar’s life and well-being during the mauling, “He took so much f—king punishment in this fight, I’m freaking out a little bit, man,” White said [transcription via MMAFighting]. “I don’t know. I don’t like it. This reminds me of the kind of fight where the fight’s over, and he walks in back and f—king dies. I think that f—king Herb Dean should’ve stopped it in the fourth round. He was wobbling all over the f—king place. He should have stopped the fight right there.”

Throughout the video of White watching the bout between Holloway and Kattar, his priorities clearly shift. Initially, UFC’s president was impressed by Holloway’s performance, but it didn’t take long before White was ready for the bout to end. At one point in the fourth, White sounds outright desperate for the fight to end.

Immediately afterward, White made sure that Kattar was rushed to the hospital. “When this fight’s over, no stopping, no talking,” he said. “Get this kid in an ambulance and get him the f—k out of here immediately. I want him out of here. Don’t talk to anybody and go right to the f—king hospital.”

Brain injuries may be “just part of the gig,” but absorbing punches in the hundreds is still a scary business.


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