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Bang! Bellator presents fastest knockouts in its history | Part two

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Quicker than a hiccup, but 10 times more deadly, these are Bellator MMA’s fastest knockouts of all time ...

Everybody loves a finish. Fight fans and MMA writers often reference cliches like “the human chess game” to describe a strategic fight that goes move for move, hold for hold and follows the mantra of “position before submission.” There’s another cliche that fighters like to use in interviews, though: “Every fight starts standing.”

When two fighters stand across from each other inside of a cage with their arsenal of weapons (fists, elbows, knees and feet) cocked and loaded, there’s always the chance for a sudden and violent conclusion to a contest. It often causes an explosion of excitement from the commentators, and it certainly causes one from fans when they’re able to attend.

In this second of two compilation videos from Bellator MMA (check out the first one here), we see a series of rapid finishers from the likes of Lyman Good, Rafael Lovato Jr., Michael “Venom” Page and Eddie Sanchez, among others — so many past (and potentially some future) champions can be seen doing their thing.

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