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Tap, snap or nap! Bellator presents the Top 10 fastest submissions in its history

You tap out or you GO out — these are Bellator MMA’s fastest submissions of all time.

Casual fans have been conditioned to love a stand up war in mixed martial arts (MMA). Two behemoths swinging hands, throwing knees and landing elbows or kicks will always cause fans to roar, whether live in an arena or (sadly) virtually. If a little blood sprays through the air or somebody violently crashes to the mat after a devastating shot, so much the better.

It’s sometimes forgotten that a submission can be just as violent and decisive. At any time a skilled practitioner can catch their opponent in a position they can’t get out of. A quick takedown can lead to a fast arm bar, knee bar, or rear naked choke. It can also backfire spectacularly if the foe being taken down traps the head for a guillotine choke. Even being on top can be a deficit if the grounded man/woman wraps their legs around your head. Some submissions happen so quickly an opponent blacks out before they can tap out.

Enjoy this selection of super quick finishes from the likes of Aviv Gozali, Brandon Halsey, “Strabanimal” James Gallagher and “Miss Dynamite” Denise Kielholtz among others! Look forward to more exciting bouts from Bellator MMA later this year.

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