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Watch Darren Till unload on police officers for ‘harassing’ him for not wearing a mask | Video

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Middleweight contender, Darren Till, got into a verbal altercation with two police officers recently for what he claims was unjust “harassment” for apparently not wearing his mask in public.

“The Gorilla” posted the video on Instagram live, where he can be seen engaging in a back-and-forth argument with the law enforcement officials. Soon thereafter, Till posted a message on Instagram talking about the incident.

“I usually never ever have problems with police and I never feel the need to apologize to people for my actions, but I firstly want to apologize to any children who were watching that just then,” he wrote.

“I rarely lose my temper, but this absolute bully boy of a man starts harassing me at my local garage saying about fines and when this bully ain’t even wearing his correctly. He then starts checking my wheels. The desperation to give someone a fine. Have a brilliant rest of the day officer forehead you gave a (30 pounds) fine out, that’s going to use up all of your time in court now you sad, sad little man,” he concluded.

MMA Junkie was given access to a longer version of the video, which showed the altercation get a bit more heated, with Till claiming the officers were simply harassing him when in actuality he wasn’t doing anything wrong.

“You’re harassing me in my car! What are you doing!? I’m coming out of my local (gas station) to get food and water for my kids, and you’re harassing me over a mask! Go away! I want you to get out of my face and go away,” read the report.

Till — who later dubbed himself Karen Till — eventually posted another video on Instagram to further explain the incident and to confirm that he is not against wearing masks to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

“Everyone’s got their opinions nowadays and they want their opinions to be heard,” he said. And God forbid someone disagrees with their opinion because all hell breaks loose. I just want to tell you all I am not against wearing masks. I am for wearing masks. COVID is here.

“My opinion is that COVID-19 is here and we need to get on with it,” he continued. “I know that I haven’t been affected as badly as other people. Others have lost their jobs, a lot has happened and it’s a sad time, a difficult time.”

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