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Michael Chiesa smothers Neil Magny for dominant decision win | UFC Fight Island 8

UFC Fight Night Chiesa v Magny Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC

Neil Magny and Michael Chiesa face off today (Wed., Jan. 20, 2021) in a main event Welterweight clash from “Fight Island” in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates at UFC Fight Island 8. At 170 lbs., there is something of a line of contenders ready for title shots, meaning that for dark horses like the two halves of our main event, there is time to build up formidable win streaks and gain ground as the division sorts itself out. Both men entered the fight riding three-fight win streaks, as Magny rebounded from a loss and layoff in 2019, whereas Chiesa is undefeated since relocating to Welterweight.

One man’s momentum will falter as another climbs higher. Strap in for tonight’s main event and follow along below for live updates and highlight clips:

Round One

Chiesa trades a low kick for a jab early, and the two clinch up quickly. Magny lands a knee, breaks away. Good front kick scores for Chiesa. Magny backs his foe up with his lead hand, but Chiesa sticks a cross. Neither man is too accurate halfway through the round, but again, Chiesa finds a home for his left. Magny puts together a decent combo. Chiesa scores a body lock takedown into half guard. Chiesa attacks a kimura, but Magny defends well. Chiesa chips away from top position, keeping Magny uncomfortable with heavy shoulder pressure. He ends the round in half guard.

Round Two

The two trade body kicks then immediately dive into the clinch. Magny wins the clinch battle, securing double underhooks and driving his foe into the fence. Chiesa battles back to his own body lock and reverses position. It takes some time, but Chiesa forces his foe down. Magny threatens a triangle and scrambles to his feet. Magny tries a takedown of his own and falls to his back in the process. Chiesa lands a hard pair of elbows and nearly advances into mount. Chiesa is HEAVY from half guard. Chiesa finds another hard elbow before the end of the round.

Round Three

Magny lands a solid flurry to start the third, and when the two clinch up, Magny is in better position. Magny scores his first takedown of the fight, and he begins working to take the back. Chiesa scrambles up relatively quickly, but he’s still jammed into the fence and eating small shots. Magny lands a hard front kick, eats a left hand. Chiesa drives into a double leg shot, but Magny stuffs it and reverses position. Chiesa ducks under an arm and moves into the back clinch. Chiesa attacks a single leg takedown, and the two are scrambling on the mat. Magny nearly escapes, but Chiesa uses a guillotine to force his foe down to the mat. Once again, Chiesa is heavy from top position. Magny throws a few shots from his back to end a very close round.

Round Four

Chiesa cracks his foe with a left hand and ties up a leg for an early takedown. Chiesa works elbows from full guard. When Magny goes to stand at about the halfway point in the round, Chiesa jumps on his back. Chiesa takes mount. Chiesa kicks off the fence and tries to stand, but again Chiesa takes the back briefly. When the two separate, Magny attacks with a flying knee, but Chiesa is right back to the clinch attack. Magny attacks an inverted triangle as Chiesa changes levels. Magny lands some good elbows to the body from that position, but Chiesa escapes into top position to end the round.

Round Five

Magny is stalking, but it’s Chiesa who lands the first good combo of the round. Chiesa ducks a punch and gains the back clinch. Magny turns and faces his foe, but two minutes have already slipped away. Magny chases a back take and gives up top position in the process. Chiesa floats in top position very well, keeping Magny in bad positions wherever he goes. Magny simply cannot escape his foe’s top pressure, and that’s the story of the fight.

Result: Michael Chiesa defeats Neil Magny via unanimous decision (49-46, 49-46, 49-46)

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