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UFC Fight Island 8 live stream results, play-by-play updates for ‘Chiesa vs Magny’

UFC Fight Night: Dos Anjos v Chiesa Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) will sandwich a special midweek fight card into an already busy week of combat sports action with the UFC Fight Island 8 mixed martial arts (MMA) event, taking place TODAY (Weds., Jan. 20, 2021) by way of ESPN+ and ESPN from inside Etihad Arena in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Headlining duties fall to welterweight contenders Michael Chiesa and Neil Magny, who collide for a spot in the crowded 170-pound title chase. In the UFC Fight Island 8 co-main event, hot-and-cold welterweight Warlley Alves looks to finally realize his potential opposite streaking UFC sophomore Mounir Lazzez. will deliver LIVE round-by-round, blow-by-blow coverage of the entire UFC Fight Island 8 fight card below, starting with the ESPN/ESPN+ preliminary card bouts at 9 a.m. ET, followed by the ESPN/ESPN+ main card start time at 12 p.m. ET.

Keep in mind that we will also be the spot for the latest news, recaps, and post-fight analysis following “Chiesa vs. Magny.” Without further delay, see below for the latest UFC Fight Island 8 results. (Note: This will go from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward the bottom for the latest detailed round-by-round action.)


Michael Chiesa vs. Neil Magny — Chiesa def. Magny by unanimous decision (49-46 x3)
Warlley Alves vs. Mounir Lazzez — Alves def. Lazzez by TKO (body kicks and punches) at 2:35 of Round One
Vinicius Moreira vs. Ike Villanueva — Villanueva def. Moreira by KO (punch) at 0:39 of Round Two
Roxanne Modafferi vs. Viviane Araujo — Araujo def. Modafferi by unanimous decision (30-27 x2, 30-26)
Tyson Nam vs. Matt Schnell — Schnell def. Nam by split decision (28-29, 29-28 x2)
Lerone Murphy vs. Douglas Silva de Andrade — Murphy def. Silva de Andrade by unanimous decision (29-28 x2, 30-27)
Omari Akhmedov vs. Tom Breese — Akhmedov def. Breese by submission (arm triangle choke) at 1:41 of Round Two
Ricky Simon vs. Gaetano Pirrello — Simon def. Pirrello by submission (arm triangle choke) at 4:00 of Round Two
Zarrukh Adashev vs. Sumudaerji — Sumudaerji def. Adashev by unanimous decision (29-28 x2, 30-27)
Dalcha Lungiambula vs. Markus Perez — Lungiambula def. Perez by unanimous decision (29-28 x3)
Francisco Figueredo vs. Jerome Rivera — Figueiredo def. Rivera by unanimous decision (29-28 x3)
Mike Davis vs. Mason Jones — Davis def. Jones by unanimous decision (29-28 x3)
Umar Nurmagomedov vs. Sergey Morozov — Nurmagomedov def. Morozov by technical submission (rear naked choke) at 3:39 of Round Two
Manon Fiorot vs. Victoria Leonardo — Fiorot def. Leonardo by TKO (head kick and punches) at 4:08 of Round Two


170 lbs.: Michael Chiesa vs. Neil Magny

Round 1: Magny busy early. Chiesa ties up in the center, separates soon after. Body kick lands for him. One minute in. Magny advancing, avoids a 1-2. Next 1-2 lands two minutes in. Magny continuing to pressure, looking for straight punches. Chiesa gets a body lock and takes him down into half guard.

Chiesa trying to pass right to mount, cannot do so. Looking for a kimura, loses it. One minute to go. Chiesa continues to try and pass, cannot do so. 10-9 Chiesa.

Round 2: Chiesa steps right back into the clinch, can’t get the outside reap. Magny grabs double underhooks and reverses on the fence. Chiesa reverses in turn a minute in, drags him back down. Magny looks for a triangle, but Chiesa scrambles through into side control. Magny uses the fence to stand and gets the body lock once again, only for Chiesa to counter the takedown into guard. Hard elbows, looking for mount. Magny retains half guard. Chiesa trying to gets his knee through, still can’t get to mount. Two minutes to go.

Lots of pressure from the top. One minute to go. Magny denies another attempt to mount, eats an elbow. 10-9 Chiesa.

Round 3: Magny presses forward with punches into the clinch. Again he gets underhooks against the fence. One minute in. Now Magny gets him down and puts in a hook. Chiesa makes it back to his feet, separates two minutes in. Counter left from Chiesa after taking a body kick. He punches his way into a level change, denied. Magny going good work on defense this round. Two minutes to go.

Chiesa spins to the rear waist lock and puts in a hook, avoiding a kimura to hit a high crotch takedown. Magny looks for a leg, ends up mounted. Chiesa grabs his neck as Magny tries to stand with a minute to go, forces him back down into half guard. Magny swats him with some hammerfists from his back. 10-9 Chiesa.

Round 4: Chiesa lands a lead right into an outside reap into guard. One minute in. Magny retaining guard so far but unable to improve position. Chiesa makes it to half guard two minutes in, continues to stay heavy and look to isolate an arm. Magny tries to scramble up on the fence but gives up full back mount. Body triangle for Chiesa. Magny looks to escape, gives up mount. Two minutes to go.

Magny continues the scramble and Chiesa looks for the back again. Awkward back elbow allows Magny to separate and come in with a flying knee, which allows Chiesa to tie up again. Magny somehow ends up in a Toby Imada-style inverted triangle position, elbowing Chiesa’s body. Chiesa staying patient, worms his head free and takes side control. Magny regains half guard. 10-9 Chiesa.

Round 5: Magny continuing to press forward. 1-1-2-3 from Chiesa. One minute in. Magny steps in with a punching flurry and Chiesa grabs a body lock, looking for the back. Magny reverses with underhooks and looks for the back himself two minutes in. Chiesa turns to end up on top in half guard. More heavy pressure, forces Magny to turn his back for a moment. Two minutes to go.

Chiesa takes mount, caught back in half guard. One minute to go. Magny tries to scramble, mounted once again. 10-9 Chiesa.

Final result: Chiesa def. MAgny by unanimous decision

170 lbs.: Warlley Alves vs. Mounir Lazzez

Round 1: Alves opens with a calf kick and punches his way into the clinch. Lazzez reverses, eats short elbows. Spinning back fist on the break, back to the clinch a minute in. Whizzer throw puts Alves on top in half guard. Lazzez back to his feet with an underhook. Two minutes in. Spinning elbow appears to connect. As they break, Alves triples up the left body kick and sends Lazzez crumpling to the mat. A heavy punching barrage follows and it’s over.

Final result: Alves def. Lazzez by TKO (body kick and punches)

205 lbs.: Vinicius Moreira vs. Ike Villanueva

Round 1: Villanueva looks for a 2-3. Low kick from Moreira. Villanueva looking to start combos with body shots. One minute in. Moreira low kick, Villanueva body shot. He’s looking to force Moreira back and flurry. Moreira just using kicks so far. Nice overhand right. Villanueva digs a right downstairs. Another. More Moreira kicks. Villanueva continuing to target the body. Two minutes to go.

Right hand sneaks around Moreira’s guard. Counter right lands for Villanueva. Moreira body kicks. One minute to go. Uppercut by Villanueva. More of the punches vs. kicks, Superman punch by Moreira. 10-9 Villanueva.

Round 2: The sparring-style exchanges continue until Moreira steps into the pocket and gets obliterated by a monstrous overhand right.

Final result: Villanueva def. Moreira by KO (punch)

125 lbs.: Roxanne Modafferi vs. Viviane Araujo

Round 1: Araujo sending out right hands. Clean 1-2, left hook. Modafferi trying to close the distance as Araujo sends out punches. Araujo left hook. One minute in. More right hands by the Brazilian. Sneaky uppercut, right cross, body shots. Left hook. Araujo picking her apart on the feet so far. Two minutes in. Continuing to box Modafferi up, drops her for a moment with a counter hook. Exchange in the center. Two minutes to go.

Araujo landing from both stances. Modafferi falling short with her own punches. Counter right from Araujo. One minute to go. Southpaw 1-2. Modafferi shoots under a right hand and takes her to the fence. Adaujo slips out and takes her down instead, looking for the back. Hunting for the RNC, can’t get it. 10-8 Araujo.

Round 2: Punches already piling up for Araujo. Jabs landing. One minute in. Continuing to trade jabs. Counter right. Modafferi looks for a single-leg, Araujo spins to a rear waist lock. They separate. Two minutes in. More jabs, low kick. Modafferi landing the occasional jab, absorbing a lot more than she dishes out. Two minutes to go.

Trading in the center, bigger shots by Modafferi. Suddenly, Modafferi lands a heavy right hand, but can’t tie up. Araujo left hook with a minute to go. Stiff jab, then an easy double-leg into side control. 10-9 Araujo.

Round 3: Modafferi pressing forward, continuing to trade punches. Counter rights by Araujo, hard jab, denies a level change. One minute in. Modafferi hits a takedown and tries to jump on her back, but Araujo scrambles free and grabs a body lock. Now a single-leg for Araujo into side control. They separate two minutes in. Modafferi’s right eye is in bad shape. Check hook by Araujo, takes a flurry. Modafferi still pressing forward with combinations. Two minutes to go.

Trading potshots. Modafferi right hand. Araujo’s definitely slowing down, but lands a right hand and grabs a body lock. Elbow lands for her. Well-timed double-leg after separating and she lands on top in guard. Short punches, on to side control. 10-9 Araujo.

Final result: Araujo def. Modafferi by unanimous decision

125 lbs.: Tyson Nam vs. Matt Schnell

Round 1: Low kick from Schnell, which Nam catches but doesn’t use. Schnell tries a combination. Teep. One minute in. Low kicks from Nam. They trade inside. Check hook by Nam, Schnell tries to answer with a combo. Two minutes in. Schnell the busier of the two so far. Leg kick lands. Quick exchange inside. Two minutes to go.

Schnell lands a left hook. Nam to the body. Nam looking for counters. Body shots. One minute to go. Nam with a right hand, Schnell with a heavy combo in return. Nam pops him with a jab. Sharp right from Schnell. 10-9 Schnell.

Round 2: Schnell still busier with his punches. Continuing to move and land well. Nam with a 2-3. One minute in. Big right hand from Nam gets Schnell’s attention. Schnell landing the volume. Another hard right by Nam met by a left hook. Two minutes in. Nam low kick. Schnell moving, jabbing. Good left hook as they trade. Two minutes to go.

Shoeshine flurry by Schnell. Nam trying to respond. Counter right lands for him. One minute to go. Schnell with a 2-1. Nam tries a combo, lands a left hook. Body shot, left hook. 10-9 Schnell, but closer.

Round 3: Back to the rapid boxing exchanges. Sharp counters from Schnell. Nam low kick. Good exchange. Schnell tries a body knee. One minute in. Left hook by Nam. 1-1-2 falls short. Schnell 3-2 and body kick. Continuing to trade. Two minutes in. They trade left hooks, another one from Nam. Schnell counter combo. Nam left hook. Two minutes to go.

Nam with a low-high 2-3. Low kick. Exchange in the center. One minute to go. Nam landing to the body. Schnell left hook. Nam lands one as well. Big left hook on the fence, Schnell punches his way off. 10-9 Nam.

Final result: Schnell def. Nam by split decision

145 lbs.: Lerone Murphy vs. Douglas Silva de Andrade

Round 1: Murphy opening with kicks, staying on the front food. Andrade low kick, Murphy body shot. One minute in. Straight left and calf kick by Murphy. Andrade lands one of his own. Two minutes in. Murphy head kick goes high. Right cross connects. Oblique kick from the Brazilian. Murphy body shots. Nasty check by Murphy. Two minutes to go.

Coutner right stings Andrade and Murphy follows up with another straight right, then eats a body kick. Right cross lands. Andrade tries a combination with a minute to go. Murphy low kick. Andrade shoots, denied. Another heavy Murphy low kick. 10-9 Murphy.

Round 2: Andrade catches a kick, avoids a leglock, and takes his back. Good roll by Murphy to get back to his feet. Another calf kick stings Andrade. One minute in. Andrade takes him to the fence. Murphy reverses, lands an elbow. Failed takedown leaves him on the bottom in half guard. Andrade passes right to mount, can’t get the back and Murphy stands. Body shot by Murphy as he separates. Another calf kick. Hard liver shot by Andrade. Two minutes to go.

Murphy tries a head kick, avoids an overhand right, lands a cross. He avoids a counter elbow and lands a right hand, then a body kick. Trading leg kicks. One minute to go. Andrade sending out kicks, eats a right hand. He tries to reach in for a body shot, gets blasted by a right hand and another calf kick. 10-9 Murphy.

Round 3: Andrade slips on a spinning back kick. Right hook by Murphy behind a kick. Andrade attempts a blitz. One minute to go. Andrade still trying to chase him down and there’s an overhand right. Spinning back kick afterwards and they tie up. They trade on the break. Murphy takes a cup check and ESPN+ breaks for a second. Back to the action halfway through the round. Body kick by Andrade. Low kick comes back at him. Two minutes to go.

Murphy with a clean low-high 1-2. Another calf kick. Andrade trying to charge in, has to fight off a takedown. Murphy completes it into half guard with less than a minute to go. Back to guard, short punches. Bigger shots to end the round. Fun fight. 10-9 Murphy.

Final result:

185 lbs.: Omari Akhmedov vs. Tom Breese

Round 1: Early boxing exchanges. Akhmedov shoots, only to land directly in a guillotine. He pops his head out and sets up in half guard. Staying heavy, short elbows. One minute to go. Breese sporting some ugly swelling on his cheek. He regains guard. Both men whacking each other. Good hammerfists by Akhmedov, avoids an armbar. Big diving right. Breese spins to his knees, tries to roll. Heel hook attempt, nothing there. Two minutes to go.

More hard hammerfsts by Akhmedov. Breese manages to kick him off, gets taken down again looking for a kimura. Now a heel hook attempt, which he uses to sweep to his feet. Looking for the back and he’s got it with a minute to go. Hunting for the RNC. No dice. 10-9 Akhmedov.

Round 2: Akhmedov tries an overhand right, then shoots in for a single-leg. Transitions to a double. Breese counters with a nasty-looking calf slicer, loses it and gets caught in an arm triangle. Akhmedov puts on the squeeze and forces the tap.

Final result: Akhmedov def. Breese by submission (arm triangle)

135 lbs.: Ricky Simon vs. Gaetano Pirrello

Round 1: Low kick from Pirrello as he circles. 3-2 comes back at him. Simon shoots, denied. Overhand right connects. One minute in. Lead straight. He shoots, hauls Pirrello to the fence, and spins him down into half guard. Pirrello with an elbow off his his back, scrambles to his feet with Simon still attached. Pirrello tries to get the Thai plum and gets slammed for his trouble. Two minutes to go.

Short lefts from Simon as Pirrello stands. Good control, forces him back down to a knee for a moment. He tries a spinning back fist, takes him down again. Short right hands, elbows. Pirrello scrambles up, blocks a head kick on the break. 10-9 Simon.

Round 2: They exchange in the center. Hard knee catches Simon shooting in, but Simon powers through it for another double-leg. One minute in. Short left hands. Pirrello makes it back up, slammed back down a short while later. Two minutes in. Back up, back down. Back up. Two minutes to go.

Simon changes levels yet again, double-legs him into mount. Looking for an arm triangle from half guard and the squeeze is enough to force a tap.

Final result: Simon def. Pirrello by submission (arm triangle choke)

125 lbs.: Zarrukh Adashev vs. Sumudaerji

Round 1: Low kick from Sumudaerji to start. Overhand left lands for Adashev in return. Sumudaerji steadily advancing. Low kick lands a minute in. Adashev tries to step in with an overhand right. Jab lands for Sumudaerji, then another inside leg kick and jab. Adashev falling just short with the big punches so far. Two minutes in. Both fire right hooks. Sumudaerji low kick to glancing 1-2; he’s winning at range as Adashev looks to periodically explode in. Two minutes to go.

Stiff jab by Sumudaerji. Good overhand left comes back at him a while later. They trade rights near the fence with a minute to go. Adashev blitz falls short, avoids a flying knee in return. Leg kick connects for him. Straight left from Sumudaerji. 10-9 Sumudaerji.

Round 2: Sumudaerji landing that southpaw jab. Lengthy flurry by Adashev in return. Sumudaerji with a front kick downstairs. One minute in. Sharp straight left lands for him. Adashev punches into the clinch, can’t get a takedown. Sumudaerji tries to spin from too close and eats some heavy punches from Adashev while on all fours. Two minutes in. Sumudaerji continuing to advance, lands a check hook. Hard counter right catches Sumudaerji throwing a kick. Two minutes to go.

Both exchange, neither lands clean. Adashev seemingly getting dialed on on the counters, but as I say that he gets dropped by a check hook. Stiff jab buckles Adashev again and Sumudaerji continues to stalk. One minute to go. Jab to the body, then the head from Sumudaerji. Adashev doing more retreating now and now as much countering. Glancing head kick from the Chinese fighter. 10-9 Sumudaerji.

Round 3: Trading jabs to start. Low kick from Sumudaerji. Skipping body kick. Both coming close with punches. One minute in. Low kick lands for Sumudaerji, then another. Counter right hand. Two minutes in. Combination lands. Adashev looking a little more gunshy this round, smiles as he avoids a wheel kick. There’s some counter attempts off a Sumudaerji low kick. Two minutes to go.

Check hook connects for Sumudaerji. Straight left. Adashev fires a leg kick, falls short with haymakers. Good exchange, right hook connects for the Uzbek. One minute to go. Good exchange, left hook lands for him. He catches a low kick, can’t use it. Sumudaerji straight left, looking to jab as Adashev tries a wild blitz. 10-9 Sumudaerji.

Final result: Sumudaerji def. Adashev by unanimous decision

185 lbs.: Dalcha Lungiambula vs. Markus Perez

Round 1: Perez opening with kicks. Lungiambula 1-2 falls short. He blitzes, goes for a slam, avoids a guillotine to land on top in half guard. Perez holding onto the grip. Now he drops it. Regains guard around two minutes in. Short rights from Lungiambula. Perez looking to threaten off of his back as Lungiambula chips away. Two minutes to go.

Left hand lands for Lungiambula. Perez scooting to the fence, looking to set up another guillotine. Lungiambula wrenches his head free with a minute to go, pressed against the fence. Lungiambula lands an elbow, avoids a wheel kick. 10-9 Lungiambula.

Round 2: Perez sending out more kicks. Lungiambula slips trying to counter. Blitz falls short. One minute in. Straight left from Perez, knocked over by a body shot. Perez looks for a triangle, can’t get it, rolls to his knees. Lungiambula holding onto a rear waist lock. Pperez looking for a kimura and this looks deep. Lungiambule waits it out, gets his hips in proper position to avoid it. Back to guard, right hand by Lungiambula. Two minutes to go.

Lungiambula drops a diving right hand to pass into side control. Elbows when Perez regains half guard. Looking for deep half with a minute to go. Lungiambula chipping away with hammerfists. Nice elbows to end the round. 10-9 Lungiambula.

Round 3: Both men throwing heat early in the round. Perez changes levels for a takedown attempt. One minute in. Knee from Lungiambula. Knees from Perez. Spinning elbow attempt on the break. Lungiambula tries a left hook. Straight left from Perez, overhand left comes back at him. Two minutes in. Perez puts him on the fence. Both swing big rights on the break. Perez ducks a right hook for another takedown attempt. Two minutes to go.

Lungiambula defending against the fence. Ref separates them with under a minute to go. Back to swinging big until Perez shoots in. Low blow from Lungiambula and they restart at range. Perez appears to land a leg kick before getting tripped to the mat. 10-9 Perez.

Final result: Lungiambula def. Perez by unanimous decision

125 lbs.: Francisco Figueredo vs. Jerome Rivera

Round 1: Figueiredo looks for early kicks. Rivera kicking with him, gets taken to the fence after failing to secure a takedown. One minute in. Short elbow from the Brazilian and they separate. Body kick and body punch. Rivera low kick, Figueiredo body kick. Rivera tries a knee inside and gets foot swept into side control. Rivera regains guard nicely. Two minutes to go.

Rivera with a body triangle from his back, swatting at Figueiredo. Figueiredo tries some hard hammerfists in return. He stands over Rivera, then separates. One minute to go. Straight left from Rivera, can’t get the inside trip. Counter lefts from Figueiredo in southpaw. Rivera shoots, ends up on the bottom. He scrambles through for his own shot. 10-9 Figueiredo.

Round 2: Low kicks from Figueiredo. He grabs underhooks and takes him down into guard. Rivera again locks up the body triangle and swats him from off his back. Elbows from the Brazilian a minute in. Controlling, landing the occasional shot as Rivera tries to get his hips involved. Two minutes in. Rivera trying to stand against the fence, eats a knee to the body. Figueiredo lets him up with two minutes to go.

Figueiredo grabs double unders again, gets reversed on the fence. Knees from Rivera, then separation. Counter left and body shot by Figueiredo. One minute to go. More sharp counter lefts. Counter elbow. He tries the foot sweep, can’t get it. 10-9 Figueiredo.

Round 3: Rivera busy with early kicks, tries a spinning elbow. Figueiredo looks for trips against the fence and lands it into half guard. Short elbow on the way up a minute in. Rivera very active with punches this round, not landing a lot clean. Figueiredo ties up and puts him on the fence again. Rivera reverses, hunts for the back. Knees to the head. Figueiredo puts him back on the fence again .Now looking for the back himself. Two minutes to go.

Rivera tries to jump guard, denied. They separate. Counter left by Figueiredo. Rivera with a counter elbow. Rivera with some solid phone booth shots in the center. Good combination after exiting the clinch. One minute to go. Rivera definitely fighting like he’s down. He tries a head-and-arm throw, avoids a back take, lands on top. Figueiredo scrambles up and hits his own takedown. 10-9 Rivera; first round was close.

Final result: Figueiredo def. Rivera by unanimous decision

155 lbs.: Mike Davis vs. Mason Jones

Round 1: Jones opens with a spinning back kick attempt, then they slug it out in the center . Davis tries a head kick. Heavy body shot to right cross, Brazilian kick blocked. Again with the low-high 3-2. Jones 1-2. Same combo again by Davis. One minute in. Hard counter right by Davis, another liver shot draws a smile. Jones comes back with a jab in combination. Consistent action so far, exchanges favoring Davis. He catches a low kick for a takedown, lands a couple hard shots on the mat before Jones pops up. Jones stuffs a takedown after landing a low kick. Davis 1-2, eats a calf kick that seems to bother him. Low kick to side kick. Jones putting together combos, denies a takedown. He tries a calf kick, gets taken down with two minutes to go.

Jones pops back up and both hurl right hands on the break. Spinning back kick, eats a right hand in response. They tie up and he lands a knee inside. One minute to go. Jones continuing to target the calf, lands a 1-2 and uppercut before surrendering another takedown. Davis tries a head kick as they separate, then lands a clean flying knee. 10-9 Davis.

Round 2: Trading jabs to start. 1-2 from Davis. Jones fires more jabs, knocked to his back by a calf kick. He pops right back up. Davis catches another kick, can’t get the takedown, lands a jab. Jab-uppercut by Jones in return. Cross counter by Davis. Jones to the body a minute in. Jones starting to really get to him with punches, lands a left hook. Davis comes back with a spinning back kick and right cross. Excellent phone booth exchanges. Jones refusing to slow down, lands an elbow. Davis punches his way off the fence with a left hook. Jones calf kick met by a body shot two minutes in. Jones’ output is impressive. Davis with the low-high 3-2 and a cracking right hand that Jones absorbs. Jones wheel kick misses and they trade right hands. Davis left hook, Jones 1-2. Two minutes to go.

More boxing combos from Jones. Davis low kick and body kick. Jones with a jab-uppercut. continuing to put the pace on. Davis finding the mark with counter uppercuts to the body. Davis lands a left hook, can’t slip the whole combo in return. One minute to go. Sneaky knee by Jones. Both tear the body. Big right hands by Davis, hard knee. Jones avoids a front kick and lands on top in guard. Davis attempts an armbar. 10-9 Jones.

Round 3: Right back to trading in the center. Big uppercut by Davis. Body shots. Jones with his first takedown attempt, lands an elbow on the break. Bigger elbow by Davis in return. One minute in. Good jab from Jones. Sharp cross. Jones on the advance. Right cross and side kick from Davis. Two minutes in. Davis uppercut and right cross met by a right from Jones. Body kicks by Jones. Body shot, spinning back kick upstairs. Davis’ output has waned, but there’s a 1-2. Two minutes to go.

Davis right cross. Another one, stuffs a takedown. Calf kick and knee to the body. Jones tries a spinning back kick, slips. Trading against the fence. One minute to go. Good Jones elbow, tries to spin. Another hard knee by Davis. Jones pressing forward but eating the bigger shots this round. He stuffs a takedown, lands a good right hand. Jab exchange. Another knee by Davis, shoeshine to the body. Davis lands his own good shots. 10-9 Davis but it’s close.

Final result: Davis def. Jones by unanimous decision

135 lbs.: Umar Nurmagomedov and Sergey Morozov

Round 1: Nurmagomedov opens with kicks, as expected. Morozov left hook falls short, eats a leg kick. One minute in. Nurmagomedov continuing to threaten with high kicks. He slips a 1-2. Knee and right hand. Morozov with a counter overhand. Well-timed shot by Nurmagomedov, looks for the back, gets it despite Morozov scrambling well. Nurmagomedov playing backpack two minutes in, loses the hooks, can’t get the suplex. Continuing to chase the takedown, great control as Morozov scrambles, but they ultimately separate. Morozov stuffs the next shot with two minutes to go,

More head kick attempts from Nurmagomedov, lands a front kick. Morozov briefly ties up with underhooks. One minute to go. More kicks falling short. Really well-timed shot by Nurmagomedov under an overhand right, immediately takes the back. 10-9 Nurmagomedov.

Round 2: Nurmagomedov immediately staggers Morozov with a head kick, can’t send him to the mat with the follow-ups. Morozov appears to get his wits back, denies a takedown. One minute in. Looking for that head kick again, lands a good body kick. Counter right hook. Low kick. Morozov tries a leg kick, gets a nasty check. Nurmagomedov hits another takedown and again looks for the back. He’s too high and Morozov slips out two minutes in. Nurmagomedov shoots under a right cross and takes the back standing. Morozov attempts another granby roll escape but now Nurmagomedov’s in a bigger spot with both hooks in. Two minutes to go.

Nurmagomedov steadily worming the RNC deeper and deeper. Morozov fights with everything he’s got, but out go the lights.

Final result: Nurmagomedov def. Morozov by technical submission (rear naked choke)

125 lbs.: Manon Fiorot vs. Victoria Leonardo

Round 1: Fiorot sends out side kicks, avoids punches and a head kick from Leonardo. Left hand lands for her. Another side kick. S lick head kick soon after, then a 2-1 a minute in. Leonardo falling short with her punches so far. Fiorot right hook. Leonardo lands a body kick, eats a check hook. Body kick. Two minutes in. Sending out kicks, unable to tie up, eats knees. Fiorot takes her to the fence, eats a right hand on the break. Hard side kick connects. Two minutes to go.

Fiorot head kick blocked, 1-2 falls short. Leonardo trying to kick with her, rushes in and gets put against the fence. Knees from Fiorot before they separate. Hard three-piece staggers Leonardo and Fiorot tries to follow up. Clean 1-2. One minute in. Fiorot puts her on the fence, lands a cracking elbow on the break. Right hook behind a Superman punch. Right hook again. 10-9 Fiorot.

Round 2: More kicks from Fiorot, clean right hook. Counter 2-1. Leonardo continuing to throw but struggle with the range. Side kick again by Fiorot. 1-2, frame, right hand a minute in. Leonardo looks for a reactive shot, denied. Fiorot with a jab two minutes in, continuing to advance. Nasty counter left. Fiorot takes her to the fence and looks for a takedown, gets it into half guard. Two minutes to go.

Fiorot lands a bit from guard, then lets her up. Check hook. Sharp straight left, check hook. One minute to go. Head kick stings Leonardo and Fiorot unloads with punches until the ref steps in.

Final result: Fiorot def. Leonardo by TKO (head kick and punches)

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