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UFC Fight Island 8 free fight: Michael Chiesa dominates Diego Sanchez at UFC 239 | Video

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is coming right back with a quick turnaround to provide fight fans some midweek mayhem this Wednesday morning (Jan. 20, 2021), which will feature a headlining bout between Welterweight contenders Neil Magny and Michael Chiesa.

Before “Maverick” attempts to score his fourth straight win since moving up to 170 pounds, let’s take a small trip back in time to see one of his wins during his current hot streak. In July 2019, Chiesa found himself locked on the cage with Diego Sanchez at UFC 239.

As expected, both men came out of the cage with an intense pace. In the opening frame, Chiesa found success in the grappling department after forcing “The Nightmare” down to the ground, making him fend off multiple submission attempts. When he wasn’t doing that, Sanchez was trying to defend against some nasty elbows.

In round two, Chiesa wasted no time in taking the fight to the ground again, punishing Sanchez every opening he saw. Indeed, “Maverick” took advantage of his size by punishing Diego every time he was on top of him. And once again, Sanchez had to show off his submission defense repeatedly. The final frame was pretty much a repeat of the first 10 minutes of action because Sanchez simply couldn’t fend off Chiesa’s takedowns.

When it was all said and done, Chiesa earned a clear-cut unanimous decision win, his second straight. He followed up that performance with another dominant win over Rafael dos Anjos, putting him in prime position in a big fight against Magny. And after putting in work for nearly a decade inside the Octagon, “Maverick” is looking to infiltrate the the Top 5.

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