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Max Holloway absolutely dominates Calvin Kattar in masterful performance | UFC Fight Island 7

UFC Fight Night: Holloway v Kattar Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC

Max Holloway and Calvin Kattar face off tonight (Sat., Jan. 16, 2021) in a main event Featherweight clash from “Fight Island” in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates at UFC Fight Island 7. Two of the best strikers at 145 lbs., both men are looking to take a step closer to the title. For Max Holloway, his only chance at recapturing the crown is to win a whole bunch of fights in a row, or at least stay in the win column until Alexander Volkanovski coughs up the title.

Alternatively, Kattar rides a solid wave of momentum into this match up. If he is able to dispatch the former champion, there’s a real chance Kattar walks out of the Octagon with a title shot secured.

Strap in for tonight’s main event and follow along below for live updates and highlight clips:

Round One

Kattar lands the first strike of the night, a solid low kick. Kattar sticks a jab, another low kick. Good left hook from Holloway. Holloway fires a combination, chops the lead calf. Holloway lands a couple more low kicks and sticks a jab. Kattar jabs back cleanly. Holloway’s pressure is getting to Kattar, and he touches up the body. Kattar scores with a couple clean rights, but Holloway immediately puts him back on the defensive with a multi-punch combo. Stiff right hand crashes into the jaw of Holloway — the Hawaiian is on fire! Heavy spinning back kick from Holloway, followed by yet another clean right hand.

Round Two

Holloway’s straight punches are absolutely crisp, and they’re landing clean quickly into the second. Kattar scored with a left hook. Holloway ripped the body several times in a row. Clean 1-2 scores for Kattar. Kattar isn’t doing terribly when he throws, but Holloway is simply drowning him with feints and volume. Another good left hook scores for Kattar, though Holloway answered immediately. Holloway flurried forward, mixing knees into his offense. Holloway’s pressure was simply relentless, and he stung Kattar with a right hand! Holloway unleashed a major flurry, trying to force the finish, but Kattar was not going to fold unless put down for good. Holloway landed several cracking elbows, but Kattar survived them. Holloway lands a high kick in the final seconds, nearly finishing Kattar yet again at the bell. WOW!

Round Three

Holloway stays on the offensive into the third, attacking with a spinning elbow early. Kattar finds a couple jabs. Kattar is now looking for potential takedown opportunities, but Holloway defends them. Kattar scores with an elbow and hard uppercut. Big right hand from Kattar backs Holloway off! These two are slugging! 1-1-2 lands hard for Holloway. Hard body kick from the Hawaiian then lands a heavy left. Nasty 1-2 scores for Kattar. Holloway’s stringing together combinations with an effortless grace. Despite throwing a ridiculous number of strikes, Holloway is not breathing heavy. Kattar finds a good elbow, but his success is too infrequent to build any momentum. Any time Kattar nears the fence, Holloway flurries and elbows.

Round Four

Holloway waits roughly zero seconds before firing combinations of straight, hard punches. Kattar is frozen by his foe’s variety and volume. Good left hook from Kattar. Holloway hiding his rips to the mid-section very well. A left body shot hurts Kattar, and he’s covered up along the fence. Holloway flurries on his opponent, but Kattar fires back elbows just enough to survive ... for a time. For a solid minute, Holloway braved his foe’s wild swings to continue digging into his foe. Holloway lands a trio of hard elbows, but Kattar just refuses to fall. Good overhand from Kattar. A second. Kattar is still throwing heat! Holloway brilliantly hides a head kick behind a punch, but Kattar manages to block it. “The Boston Finisher” somehow survives the round!

Round Five

Holloway’s strategy and volume remained the same into the fifth. Crisp shots just kept connecting for the Hawaiian, briefly stunning Kattar yet again. Kattar finds a 1-2-3. Another hard spinning back kick lands for Holloway. Holloway refuses to stop tearing up the body. Holloway is styling on Kattar, dropping his hands and calling himself the best in the world. After this performance, can anyone argue?

Result: Max Holloway defeats Calvin Kattar via unanimous decision (50-43, 50-43, 50-42)

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