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Midnight Mania! Manny Pacquiao still targeting Conor McGregor boxing match

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Manny Pacquiao v Keith Thurman

Welcome to Midnight Mania!

It seems that no matter how UFC President Dana White attempts to keep the worlds of boxing and cage fighting separate, the line cannot help but blur. The money is simply so huge in the ring that mixed martial artists are plenty willing to make the momentary transition for a big payoff, regardless of whether that’s opposite boxing champions or YouTube creators.

When it comes to Conor McGregor, the stakes are elevated further. The Irishman is a money fight regardless of which sport he competes, which is why White wants McGregor to remain inside the Octagon, where he’s in the hunt for the Lightweight title. However, McGregor has recently been chasing a big money fight with boxing legend Manny Pacquiao, and “PacMan” just confirmed his interest.

“They’re my options, but right now I want to experience fighting an MMA [mixed martial artist],” Pacquiao told Business Mirror, referring to McGregor. “I will also donate a big portion of my income to Filipino Covid-19 victims.”

At 42 years of age, Pacquiao remains a force in the ring as the current WBA Welterweight champion, and he rides a three-fight win streak. One has to assume that Pacquiao’s remaining time in the ring is limited, however, but it seems he’s carving out a slot in his schedule for McGregor.

Does it happen?


RIP Strikeforce.

Georgia at 13-1 is clearly the standout on that list, that’s insanely impressive! Also, poor Canadians have been struggling since Georges St. Pierre retired.

One Championship with a rather muscular new fight announcement:

I’ve never seen this image before, but it’s pretty much perfect.

This young lady has HANDS!

I’m going to need someone to explain this training method to me, because I’m not quite sure I get the point.

If you don’t know, now you know, UFC Fight Island 7 edition:

Slips, rips, and KO clips

I challenge readers to name me a funnier UFC knockout than this one.

One hitter quitter on the ice:

Here’s an entire barrage of brilliant Saenchai clips!

Random Land

Battle of the red pandas!

Midnight Music: An awesome Rick James track from his 1979 album Bustin’ Out of L Seven!

Sleep well Maniacs! More martial arts madness is always on the way.

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