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Video: Dana White’s fancy Fight Island hotel just gave him a ‘fat as f—k’ menu

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So, when you order room service, just how fat do you plan to be?

If you answered “fat as fuck” then perhaps you should stay at the “W” hotel on Fight Island in Abu Dhabi, where you can order from that sort of menu. Assuming, of course, you are as rich and powerful as UFC President Dana White and not some schlub off the street.

Speaking of street schlubs, I’ve stayed at the “W” hotel in multiple cities around the world and I can say (free plug) it’s never disappointed, but then again all it takes to impress me are free water bottles and a pair of shrink-wrapped slippers, so consider the source.

White and his team will be hosting a trio of upcoming MMA events at Etihad Arena, starting with this weekend’s “Holloway vs. Kattar” event on ABC and ending with the “Poirier vs. McGregor 2” pay-per-view card on Jan. 23, both available on ESPN+.

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