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Trump tweeting Joe Rogan clips (again) to slam dead-battery Biden

UFC color commentator Joe Rogan is not the biggest fan of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, comparing the former Senator to a battery with a dying flashlight. That barb was good enough for President Trump to use in one of his recent Twitter attacks.

And it wasn't the first time.

Earlier this year, Trump was retweeting show clips from “The Joe Rogan Experience” despite the fact that Rogan was a supporter of Bernie Sanders, who eventually dropped out of the race after failing to get the support he needed to run for President.

“If you’re getting your political advice from me, I’m a moron,” Rogan said back in May. “I am a comedian and cage fighting commentator. You know how you have friends who don’t know much about fighting and will say something like, ‘I think Bruce Lee could kick Jon Jones ass’ ... yeah, that’s me with politics. Don’t listen to me for political advice.”

UFC President Dana White, however, definitely wants you to listen to him.

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