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Alistair Overeem rallies, savages Augusto Sakai with elbows | UFC Vegas 9

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UFC Fight Night: Overeem v Sakai Photo by Mike Roach/Zuffa LLC

Alistair Overeem and Augusto Sakai face off tonight (Sat. Sept. 5, 2020) in a main event Heavyweight clash from inside UFC APEX in Las Vegas, Nevada. At 40 years of age, Alistair Overeem is attempting to make one final run at the belt, and he has been finding recent success. Sakai is the prospect in this equation, but the 29-year-old combatant is ranked inside the top 10 himself and has won four straight inside the Octagon.

Someone’s momentum will come to a grinding halt.

In a strange bout, Overeem realized deep in the fight that Sakai could not keep up with him on the fight. Once Overeem really turned to his wrestling, the exchanges were no longer close, as “The Demolition Man” simply went to work with brutal elbows.

Round One

After a feeling out process, Overeem tries to spring forward with a quick combination. Overeem front kicks the belly then ducks a right hand. Sakai kicks the mid-section then flurries forward, backing Overeem into the fence. In the clinch, the two quickly go to work trading heavy knees. Sakai scores with a right, absorbs a body knee. Sakai breaks the clinch with a knee, and the two are back in the center. Overeem counters a low kick hard with a big right hand. Front kick from Sakai. Sakai finds a home for the uppercut. Sakai flurries, but Overeem covers up well to minimize the damage.

Round Two

Overeem kicks the thigh to start the round. Overeem covers up again to block a combination. Overeem digs a knee to the mid-section. Overeem throws a left to the liver then scores with another knee in the clinch. Sakai releases a long combo with Overeem backed into the fence, landing some good strikes to the body this time. Overeem grabs the clinch and forces his foe into the fence, looking for more knees. Overeem lands an elbow and is winning the clinch battle. Big left scores for Overeem in-tight, but Sakai returns with a pair of elbows. Back in the open space, a bloody Sakai backs his foe up with some kicks. The round ends in the clinch.

Round Three

Overeem lands a hard low kick. Sakai lands another combination around the guard. Overeem rips a left hook to the liver. Sakai touches the body with a kick. Rolling left lands for Overeem, but Sakai finds another uppercut on his advancing foe. Good combination scores for Sakai as Overeem covers up along the fence. Overeem eats a low kick, snaps into the mid-section. Sakai punches the body twice then pushes into the clinch. Overeem scores a takedown! Overeem goes to work with long punches, but eats an upkick holding his foe down. Heavy hammerfists connect for the veteran, who then passes into side control.

Round Four

Jab from Overeem starts the championship rounds. Overeem chops into the calf, then Sakai fires back with a combination ... admittedly a much slower one. Big body kick connects for Overeem. Sakai backs Overeem into the fence yet again, this time scoring with some elbows. An elbow cuts open Overeem. Sakai digs a couple calf kicks. Overeem basically pulls guard with a single leg takedown, using the maneuver to gain top position. Overeem is landing hard shots from within the guard. Overeem lands a crushing elbow and advances into the turtle position. Sakai is hurt, but the Brazilian manages to recover guard and keep fighting. Overeem lands a hard series of elbows, trying to force the finish, but Sakai survives.

Round Five

Overeem immediately shoots for a double leg takedown and gets it. Overeem drops a trio of nasty elbows, and a couple more shots force the referee to call the bout.

Result: Alistair Overeem defeats Augusto Sakai via fifth-round TKO

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