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UFC Vegas 9 results: Michel Pereira strangles Zelim Imadaev after dominating with Superman punches and open hand slaps

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UFC Fight Night: Roberts v Pereira Photo by Michael Owens/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Michel Pereira and Zelim Imadaev faced off in a Welterweight bout tonight (Sat., Sept. 5, 2020) at UFC Vegas 9 from UFC APEX in Las Vegas, Nevada. In a stellar performance, Pereira put on a show while kicking his foe around the cage.

Pereira opened up with a hard snap kick to the mid-section. The Brazilian then connected with a solid left hook, as he moved well without any wild antics. Big right hand for Pereira! Pereira evaded a couple wide swings from Imadaev. Another stabbing snap kick scored for Pereira. Both men land in an exchange along the fence, but Pereira scored with a hard knee on the break. Heavy counter right hand from Pereira snapped his foe’s head back, then the Brazilian attempted a kick off the fence. Quick jab and snap kick from Pereira, who is really the only man landing with 90 seconds remaining in the round. Pereira dropped his opponent with a shift and right hand! He followed it up with a nice spin kick to the ribs. Another right hand hurt Imadaev. Heavy low kick from the Russian. Pereira danced and landed a knee to end the round, then the two glared at each other.

Imadaev landed first with a counter right to start the second. Pereira knocked his foe backward with a snap kick. Low kick from Imadaev effectively stopped a Pereira jump knee. Pereira timed another intercepting right, attempted a rolling thunder kick. Imadaev landed a front kick of his own. Pereira literally slapped his opponent twice. Imadaev attempted a takedown and landed an uppercut to the body on the way out. Pereira ripped the body with a left hook. Pereira again moved laterally before timing a right hand perfectly. The two traded shots at the bell.

Pereira attacked with quick strikes to open the final five minutes. The Brazilian stuck his foe with a long jab before rocking his foe with a Superman punch off the fence! He tried to swarm, but Imadaev survived. Pereira landed another slip, this one fairly heavy! Pereira returned to his powerful snap kick. Pereira set up yet another right hand with beautiful side-to-side motion. Wide overhand scored for Pereira. Another! Pereira kicked the leg. Out of nowhere, Pereira slammed his opponent and wrapped up the neck!

WOW! Pereira needed a strong performance on the final fight of his UFC contract, and he delivered! His offense was wild, but his defense remained sharp, and the last-second finish was a thing of beauty.

Result: Michel Pereia defeats Zelim Imadaev via third-round submission

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