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Midnight Mania! Deiveson Figueiredo warns Cody Garbrandt, ‘I’m going to take your head off!’

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Welcome to Midnight Mania!

UFC 255 is still more than two months away, but things are already heating up between Flyweight champion Deiveson Figueiredo and contender Cody Garbrandt.

In the video above, a shirtless “Deus Da Guerra” aggressively steps up to the camera and promises to “take off” the head of Garbrandt. The Brazilian also writes, “You think you are going to take my belt? I go to sleep dreaming of taking your head off! I wake up thinking of knocking you out. My whole day is dedicated to putting you to sleep!”

The cause of the bad blood? Figueiredo is upset that Garbrandt — the former Bantamweight champion coming off a knockout win over Raphael Assuncao at UFC 250 — “cut the line” of more established Flyweight contenders. Though Garbrandt is unproven at 125 lbs., “No Love” is in the win column and has some star power, which has proven enough to secure this title opportunity.

Plus, there’s not exactly a clear-cut top contender at Flyweight anyway, so the timing worked out. As for Figueiredo, he’s now won four straight fights, twice defeating Joseph Benavidez to capture the undisputed title.

Who ya’ got?


Michel Pereira is nothing if not entertaining!

This seems like a roundabout way to ban wrestling shoes. Not being able to kick/knee is a terrible trade for a bit of extra traction!

A few athletes in the world of boxing (and Conor McGregor) made big bucks this year.

Leon Edwards deserves a title shot or title eliminator ASAP.

Michael Chandler coming in clutch with the very entertaining sparring clip!

A bit of the science behind how fighters cut more than 10% of their body weight in the final 48 hours or so before a weigh-in.

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. The biggest factor that should play a role in deciding your Acute Weight Loss Strategy (fight week strategy) is the amount of time you have to recover before competition, not whether or not you can physically get the weight off. Combat Sports, like most sports, carry a high degree of risks purely due to participation. Getting punched, kicked, elbowed, choked, submitted or slammed all carry a degree of risk to your health. However athletes who ‘cut weight’ inappropriately can increase risks to their performance as well by; decreasing cognition, decreasing reaction time, decreasing their repeat effort performance (often seen in later rounds of competition), increasing mental fatigue and potentially ‘weakening their chin’ due to dehydration around the brain. Not only does this impact your performance, it puts you at a higher than normal risks of injury. I highly recommend athletes in all the combat sports to run trials of these strategies to understand how your individual body responds to them. There is a golden and simple rule in Sports Nutrition, don’t try anything for the first time right before competition. Know your strategies, know how you’ll respond to them, know that you’ll recover adequately from making weight, and know that you’re giving yourself the best chance at performing at your best. . . . . #thefightdietitian #fightdietitianapproved #trainade #anzactakeover #performancenutrition #fightersdiet #realscience #scientist #nutrition #performance #thefightsciencepodcast #makingweightsafely

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Slips, rips, and KO clips

Douglas Lima is an animal, but is he also Bellator’s best fighter?

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Work! Back at it soon! @bellatormma

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It’s amazing how despite all the damage, weight gain and loss, and general ups-and-downs of a 20-year pro fight career, Alistair Overeem doesn’t look that different!

These clips are from sometime during quarantine, but it’s still two knockouts for the price of one!

Random Land

Kangaroo wrestling!

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Caption this! Video via @gonepatrol #wondermore

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Midnight Music: Kevin Morby is a really solid songwriter, definitely one to check out for fans of classic folk rock.

Sleep well Maniacs! More martial arts madness is always on the way.

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