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Josh Barnett to make bare-knuckle boxing debut (with elbows) for Poland’s KSW Genesis

Fresh out of Bellator after another drug test failure, Barnett is taking off the gloves for KSW’s inaugural Genesis BKB event.

KSW Genesis

With mixed martial arts largely succeeding in shedding off its human cockfighting reputation, the world needed a new bloodsport to capture the attention of desensitized viewers around the world. Enter bare knuckle boxing, which has seen a surprising amount of recent success with promotions like Bare Knuckle Fighting Championships pulling surprisingly respectable PPV numbers.

And where one company finds success, others follow.

Now in Europe we have the very successful KSW MMA promotion jumping into the game with a new series of events dubbed Genesis. And because the Polish go hard, they’ve got their own unique spin on things. Their particular brand of bare knuckle boxing will include elbows!

And ... Josh Barnett!

Barnett will be taking on former KSW heavyweight champ Marcin Rozalski, who is a tattooed beast of a man.

And as we learned from Artem Lobov beating Paulie Malignaggi in BKFC, anything is possible when the gloves come off. Perhaps “The Baby Faced Assassin” will get his slightly less baby faced visage sliced open? Or maybe he’ll give Rozalski some freestyle scarification work.

Barnett and Rozal will throw down for three 3 minute rounds on October 23rd. How do you see this going, Maniacs?

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