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Joe Rogan distances himself from chaotic Presidential Debate — ‘You need John McCarthy’

Regardless of who you’re voting for, or even if you’re not voting or live outside the United States, it was hard to feel good about the future of the planet after watching the 2020 Presidential Debate, which was not unlike the Two Tribes video from Frankie Goes to Hollywood.

That’s probably why UFC color commentator and podcasting deity Joe Rogan, who previously volunteered to moderate the debate between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden, distanced himself from Tuesday night’s chaos, deferring to a certain longtime MMA referee instead.

“You don’t need me to handle this ‘debate,’” Rogan wrote after moderator Chris Wallace failed to maintain order. “You need John McCarthy.”

While we’re on the topic of divided populations, Rogan has some work to do on that front as well. His new deal with Spotify got off to a rough start when select employees threatened to strike over some of his more controversial content.

For more details behind that ongoing story click here.

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