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UFC Vegas 9 live stream results, ‘Overeem vs Sakai’ play-by-play updates

Photo by Cooper Neill/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) returns to its state-of-the-art APEX facility this Sat. night (Sept. 5, 2020) in Las Vegas, Nevada, for the UFC Vegas 9 mixed martial arts (MMA) event, topped by a light heavyweight showdown between longtime contender Alistair Overeem and up-and-coming bruiser Augusto Sakai. Elsewhere on the main card, which airs exclusively on ESPN+, light heavyweight title hopefuls Ovince Saint Preux and Alonzo Menifield hook ‘em up for a spot in the 205-pound title chase. will deliver LIVE round-by-round, blow-by-blow coverage of the entire UFC Vegas 9 fight card below, starting with the ESPN+ “Prelims” undercard bouts at 6 p.m. ET, followed by the ESPN+ main card start time at 8 p.m. ET.

Keep in mind that we will also be the spot for the latest news, recaps, and post-fight analysis following “Overeem vs. Sakai.” Without further delay, see below for the latest UFC Vegas 9 results. (Note: This will go from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward the bottom for the latest detailed round-by-round action.)


Alistair Overeem vs. Augusto Sakai — Overeem def. Sakai by TKO (elbows and punches) at 0:26 of Round Five — HIGHLIGHTS
Alonzo Menifield vs. Ovince Saint Preux — Saint Preux def. Menifield by KO (punch) at 4:07 of Round Two — HIGHLIGHTS
Zelim Imadaev vs. Michel Pereira — Pereira def. Imadaev by submission (rear naked choke) at 4:39 of Round Three — HIGHLIGHTS
Bartosz Fabinski vs. Andre Muniz — Muniz def. Fabinski by submission (armbar) at 2:42 of Round One — HIGHLIGHTS
Brian Kelleher vs. Ray Rodriguez — Kelleher def. Rodriguez by submission (guillotine choke) at 0:39 of Round One — HIGHLIGHTS
Thiago Moises vs. Jalin Turner CANCELLED
Viviane Araujo vs. Montana De La Rosa — Araujo def. De La Rosa by unanimous decision (30-27 x2, 29-28)
Marcos Rogerio de Lima vs. Alexander Romanov CANCELLED
Hunter Azure vs. Cole Smith — Azure def. Smith by unanimous decision (29-28 x3)


265 lbs.: Alistair Overeem vs. Augusto Sakai

Round 1: Tentative start from both men. Overeem steps in with a right hand. One minute in. Overeem tries a front kick. Sakai right hook goes high. Sakai lands a body kick and looks to open up as Overeem brings up his guard. They trade knees inside. Overeem tries a foot sweep, eats a knee to the body two minutes in. Sakai pressing him against the fence, lands a right hand as Overeem tries to jockey for position. Knee form Sakai on the break. Two minutes to go.

Overeem counters a low kick with an overhand right that wobbles Sakai, but doesn’t press the issue. Sakai right hand bounces off the guard, uppercut splits it. One minute to go. Overeem tries an overhand right. Overeem lands a low kick and Sakai again swings away at his high guard. Front kick catches Sakai in the groin. Sakai body kick met by a leg kick. Close round. 10-9 Sakai.

Round 2: Low kick from Overeem to start. Sakai tries a front kick. Right hook falls short. Sakai opens up against the fence. Overeem comes back with a step-in knee. One minute in. Sakai advancing, bounces some shots off the guard. Overeem steps in with a body shot and puts him on the fence. Both land knees downstairs before separating. Two minutes in. Overeem lands a lead right and Sakai tears into his body against the fence before tying up. Overeem reverses position. Good knees to the body. Sakai reverses in turn. Two minutes to go.

Overeem with a knee upstairs as Sakai punches the body, then he reverses. Sneaky elbow by Overeem. Sakai reverses. Both fire knees to the body. Left hand by Overeem after getting a bit of space. Sakai cracks him with a pair of elbows with a minute to go. They separate. Sakai now bloodied, sending out body kicks. Low kick connects. Sakai sends out some punches and ties up, landing a knee to the body. 10-9 Overeem in another super close round.

Round 3: Low kick and overhand from Overeem. Front kick downstairs, low kick. Sakai looks for a combination, as he does whenever Overeem shells up. Counter overhand catches Overeem leaning. They trade front kicks to the body, Sakai follows up with a leg kick. One minute in. Left hook from Overeem, who eats an uppercut on the way in as he ties up. He lands a knee downstairs before separating. They trade in the center, neither lands clean. Blitz from Sakai, unloading against the fence. Two minutes in. Overeem ties up, lands a knee, gets reversed. They separate. Overeem with a jumping front kick to the body. Calf kick from Sakai. He takes another low blow, shakes it off, lands to the body as Overeem backs to the fence. Two minutes to go.

Overeem hits an outside trip against the fence. Overeem on top in guard, landing punches. Sakai trying to kick him off, lands a glancing upkick. One minute to go. Overeem having issues getting past the legs. Sakai with a hammerfist off his back, met by body elbows and hammerfists. He passes to side control. Knees to the body. 10-9 Overeem.

Round 4: Sakai looking for 1-2s. Calf kick by Overeem. Sakai blitzes, lands on the fence. One minute in. Sakai tries a combination, avoids a heavy right. Body kick from Overeem. Sakai lands an elbow against the fence. Calf kick, combination, and elbow from Sakai. Overeem now cut open as well, though Sakai’s the bloodier of the two. Brief collision two minutes in. Spinning back kick to the balls from Overeem, the ol’ Barboza Special. Overeem tries a jumping front kick, eats calf kicks as he brings up his guard. He shoots, drags Sakai to the mat. Punches and elbows from guard. Two minutes to go.

Solid shots landing. Sakai kicks him off, can’t get space, eats shots. Big shots from Overeem and an elbow forces Sakai to roll to his knees. Heavy body shot and right hand by Overeem after Sakai rolls back to half guard. More elbows. Elbows continuing to land. 10-8 Overeem.

Round 5: Overeem shoots immediately, drags Sakai down, and clobbers him with elbows and punches for the stoppage.

Final result: Overeem def. Sakai by TKO (elbows and punches)

205 lbs.: Alonzo Menifield vs. Ovince Saint Preux

Round 1: Menifield comes out swinging, walks into a counter left. Straight left by Saint Preux, who avoids a heavy 2-3 and lands a body kick. Straight left connects. Another. Menifield tries a counter right, lands a left hook a minute in. He ties up and takes him to the fence. He tries to throw on the break. Saint Preux sending out kicks two minutes in. Looping left misses. Menifield tries a head kick. Three-piece lands for Saint Preux. Swatting counter left. Sending out body kicks. Two minutes to go.

Saint Preux patient at range, sending out regular kicks. One minute to go. Overhand right lands for Menifield. Saint Preux’s return fire fails to connect. Brief clinch. 1-2 from Saint Preux. Body kick and left hand met by a Menifield counter right, and Menifield follows up with a left hook. 10-9 Saint Preux.

Round 2: Good leg kick from Menifield, who counters a body kick with an overhand right. He avoids a wide left and head kick. One minute in. Low kick from Saint Preux. Straight left knocks Menifield back. Saint Preux goes orthodox, fires a body kick. He tries a spinning back kick. Good front kick down the middle two minutes in. Glancing straight left. More body kicks. Two minutes to go.

Menifield takes a low blow, elects to just continue. Menfifield hasn’t thrown in a while and he eats a right hook. Both land left hands. Menifield now advancing and swinging, knocks Saint Preux off balance with a right hand. Menifield tries to press the advantage, only to get knocked into another dimension by a counter left.

Final result: Saint Preux def. Menifield by KO (punch)

170 lbs.: Zelim Imadaev vs. Michel Pereira

Round 1: Pereira fires a front kick downstairs. Low-high combination lands. 1-2 by the Brazilian. One minute in. Glancing left hook by Imadaev. Pereira threatens a jumping something, ducks a right hand. Low kick by Imadaev. Pereira lands a left hook two minutes in. Pereira tries to jump off the fence and they exchange, ending with a hard knee by Pereira. Brutal counter right, Showtime kick falls just short. Two minutes to go.

Pereira taunting with his hands behind his back. Jab connects, then a front kick downstairs. Brutal right cross drops Imadaev and Pereira patiently advances, landing a spinning back kick downstairs. Now Imadaev trying to walk forward. One minute to go. Low-high 1-2 hurts Imadaev again. Low kick by Imadaev. Superman punch off the cage and a body kick connect for Pereira. Pereira does a little jig and comes back with a knee. 10-9 Pereira.

Round 2: Imadaev lands a counter right and tries to follow up. Pereira with some low kicks and a front kick downstairs. Low kick catches Pereira jumping and knocks him over. One minute in. Pereira wheel kick falls short. Front kick to the body. Imadaev lands an uppercut. Counter right by Pereira as he circles. Somersault kicks falls short. Two minutes in. Pereira with some more body work. Slap attack. Imadaev combination falls short and he puts Pereira on the fence. Two minutes to go.

Good knee by Pereira. Imadaev digs a body punch on the break, tries to open up on the fence. Long 1-2 by the Brazilian. Good body shot backs Imadaev off for a moment. Jab exchange. Pereira tries a flying knee. One minute to go. 2-1 connects and may have busted Imadaev’s nose. Body and low kicks. Jump knee doesn’t land. Left hook sneaks around Imadaev’s guard. Hard body shot before the bell. 10-9 Pereira.

Round 3: Imadaev tries a leg kick, eats a pair of body blows. More kicks from Pereira. Thudding jab connects and he presses forward, landing a left hook. Pereira tries a Superman punch off the cage, tears into him with knees to the body. One minute in. Imadaev still trying to stalk him but unable to find his range. Left hook by Pereira, then an overhand slap. Both swing rights, neither connect. Two minutes to go. Pereira front kicks to the body. He’s running circles around Imadaev at this point. Brutal 2-1 and body kick. Front kick and jab. Two minutes to go.

Overhand right lands for Pereira after he backs off. Now advancing again, avoids a knee. Looping right against the fence. Clean left hook as he mocks Imadaev, then an overhand right. One minute to go. Low kick by Imadaev. Imadaev lands a body kick and gets violently suplexed for his trouble. Pereira wraps up a no-hook RNC right as he hits the ground. Imadaev doesn’t appear to tap, but the ref calls it.

Final result: Pereira def. Imadaev by submission (rear naked choke)

155 lbs.: Thiago Moises vs. Jalin Turner

Round 1:

Round 2:

Round 3:

Final result:

185 lbs.: Bartosz Fabinski vs. Andre Muniz

Round 1: Fabinski presses forwards, eats counters, shoots. Muniz defending against the fence. One minute in. Short shots from Fabinski. He continues to drive and Muniz jumps guard on a guillotine. Muniz squeezing hard, loses the grip. Right away, he switches to an armbar that forces the tap.

Final result: Muniz def. Fabinski by submission (armbar)

145 lbs.: Brian Kelleher vs. Ray Rodriguez

Round 1: Kelleher on the advance early. Rodriguez shoots against the fence and Kelleher locks up a deep guillotine, forcing the tap.

Final result: Kelleher def. Rodriguez by submission (guillotine choke)

125 lbs.: Viviane Araujo vs. Montana De La Rosa

Round 1: Jab exchange to start. De La Rosa looking to counter, lands some right hands. Hard jab by Araujo. Right hand to the body. One minute in. De La Rosa countering with her jab and left hook. Hard counter left connects. Low kick from Araujo. Overhand right appears to just connect and she follows with a low kick. De La Rosa lands a leg kick and eats another overhand two minutes in. De La Rosa takes her down off a leg kick, can’t keep her there. Back to range. Calf kicks from Araujo prompt a brief stance switch. Two minutes to go.

Araujo body shot met by a left hook. De La Rosa still looking for counters. They trade low kicks. Another De La Rosa low kick. Jab exchange. One minute to go. Jabs from Araujo connect. De La Rosa tries a reactive takedown, denied. De La Rosa tries another shot, counters an uppercut. Jab exchange. De La Rosa left hook, counters a low kick, avoids an overhand. Araujo shoots before the bell. 10-9 Araujo.

Round 2: Araujo lands jabs, takes a left on the exit, comes back with a body kick. Low kick connects for her. Overhand right blocked. Another right hand lands soon after. One minute in. Another calf kick visibly bothers De La Rosa. De La Rosa tries to shoot, denied. Glancing 1-2 by the Brazilian. Two minutes in. De La Rosa with a short right hand. Araujo continuing to stalk, lands her jab and a left hook behind it. De La Rosa lands a low kick after eating another jab. Good right hand by De La Rosa, head kick just misses. Araujo with a jab, body kick, and right hand that opens a cut by her left eye. Two minutes to go.

Big overhand right from Araujo, leg kick soon after. De La Rosa with a left hook. Teep, jab, low kick. Right hand by Araujo. Jab exchange. One minute to go. More thudding jabs by the Brazilian. De La Rosa lands a counter right. De La Rosa leg kick, Araujo body kick. Hard left hook from Araujo. De La Rosa tries a head kick, eats a left hand in combination. 10-9 Araujo.

Round 3: De La Rosa looks for combinations early. Low kick lands for her. De La Rosa marches through an elbow to land some solid shots inside. One minute in. Jab from Araujo, whiffs on an overhand. Trading lefts. Straight left by De La Rosa. De La Rosa waving her on. Araujo jab, De La Rosa cross counter. Two minutes in. Araujo to the body, brief clinch. De La Rosa tries a body kick, eats another ramrod jab. De La Rosa ducks a right hand, looks for short punches. Two minutes to go.

Araujo continues to land jabs, eats a leg kick in return. Left hook by De La Rosa. Big cross counter by Araujo. Counter right from De La Rosa. One minute to go. De La Rosa shoots, eats an uppercut, takes her to the fence. Araujo gets underhooks and both land on the break. Counter left from Araujo. Superman punch, counter right after taking a combo. 10-9 Araujo.

Final result: Araujo def. De La Rosa by unanimous decision

265 lbs.: Marcos Rogerio de Lima vs. Alexander Romanov

Round 1:

Round 2:

Round 3:

Final result:

135 lbs.: Hunter Azure vs. Cole Smith

Round 1: Smith looks for front kicks to start. Low kick from Azure, body kick and jab come back at him. Smith lands a low kick, eats a left hook. Azure catches a kick and takes him down. Smith looks for butterfly guard, then attempts his own shot a minute in. Azure latches onto a front headlock, lands a knee upstairs and a right hand before they separate. He follows up with a low kick and 3-2 that drop Smith hard. Smith tries to shoot, gets sprawled on. Azure looking for the back, has a standing hook two minutes in. Browne elbow from Azure as Smith gets in on his hips. Nice elbow from Smith knocks Azure’s mouthpiece halfway across the fence. Azure separates with two minutes to go.

Low kick exchange. Teep from Smith, lands a body kick, then gets taken down and brings up an armbar. Azure escapes and settles in guard, avoiding another bid at his arm and taking half guard. Smith rolls to his knees with a minute to go. Azure landing as he stands, then changes levels before landign a few more punches. Uppercut lands on the break. Smith sends out some more front kicks and gets cracked by a left hook. 10-9 Azure.

Round 2: Smith continues to toss out kicks, takes a low kick and ducks an overhand. Smith lands a front kick downstairs, then gets blasted by two overhand rights as Azure takes him to the fence. Smith reverses a minute in. Azure looking to defend with an arm-in guillotine. Smith gets him down and latches onto his back, only for Azure to stand and turn to face him. Now a rear waist lock. Two minutes in. Azure lands an overhand right on the break and Smith shoots again. Azure looking for the back as he defends. One hook in and a seat belt grip. Back to the waist lock. Smith tries elbows but gets dragged down with two minutes to go.

Smith gets back to his feet, Azure still attached. Hunting for a kimura grip as he defends. Azure continues to drive in, gets him to a knee with a minute to go. They remain locked there until Azure throws punches before the bell. 10-9 Azure.

Round 3: More front kick attempts from Smith, who walks into a left hand. Left hand connects for Smith. Azure looks for a reactive single-leg, takes him to the fence. One minute in. They separate 30 seconds later. Smith puts together a nice combo, then slips throwing a flying knee. Azure grabs another front headlock and hauls him to the fence. Two minutes in. Azure drags him down, eats a few elbows as he does. Looking for the back. Smith slips out and looks for the back in return. Two minutes to go.

Hard elbows from Smith and he shoots once again, avoiding a guillotine and grabbing full back mount on a standing Azure. Azure fighting the hands. Smith puts the squeeze on the neck crank with a minute to go, can’t get it. Azure gets to a knee. Smith can’t find it before the bell. 10-9 Smith.

Final result: Azure def. Smith by unanimous decision

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