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Conor McGregor agrees to charity MMA fight against Dustin Poirier, torpedoes ‘fat fool’ Daniel Cormier

UFC 178 - Poirier v McGregor

I don’t know if former UFC champ Conor McGregor is slowly losing his mind or went on another “bender,” but he’s been tweeting erratically over the last few days while posting gibberish on Instagram about his Mayweather fight from summer 2017.

So much for “water under the bridge.”

Despite claims that he retired from UFC and will now box Manny Pacquiao in the Middle East, “Notorious” is still hoping to get some work in before the end of the year. The means to that end is a charity MMA fight against former opponent and full-time philanthropist Dustin Poirier.

“Hey bro! You want to do an MMA charity fight? Zero to do with the UFC,” McGregor wrote on Twitter. “I will donate half a mill towards your charity for it. Sell it on PPV or work a TV deal and we work out other charities that are close to my heart also. I am engaged in many. Strictly a charity ‘exhibition.’”

McGregor stopped Poirier when they first went to war at UFC 178 back in late 2014.

“December 12th in the Point Depot, Ireland. No weigh ins. Open weight, unified rules. I will arrange all travel fare for you and family. McGregor Sports and Entertainment MMA, in association with The Good Fight Foundation. Charity Mixed Martial Arts!”

Not surprisingly, Poirier — who has his own issues with UFC — was quick to accept.

“I’m in! Lets do it! A lot of people will benefit from this,” Poirier replied, perhaps forgetting both combatants are under contract and can’t just start fighting one another under the guise of charity. “December 12, circle your calendars.”

“Excellent! We shall take it offline and progress the process from here,” McGregor continued. “Good man Dustin! I respect your philanthropic efforts greatly, as well as how you conducted yourself post our first fight. You have my respect!”

I’m not sure if the two topics are related but the McGregor charity offer came in the wake of criticism “Notorious” received from retired ex-champion Daniel Cormier, who took the Irishman to task for claiming he would fight anyone, only to turn down a reserve spot at UFC 249.

“If you say you’re fighting Diego Sanchez is fighting anybody, the reality is Conor ain’t fighting anybody, it has to be the right fight,” Cormier said during his ESPN segment. “If Conor was fighting anybody, he would have agreed to be the replacement guy for Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Tony Ferguson. Conor is a bigger star than anyone. If this was real, he was going to fight anyone at any time, that would have been the case.”

That didn’t sit well with McGregor.

“I asked for May you fat fool, what you saying? I fought in January and tried to go again but was purposely held back to be an alternate for a July fight,” McGregor said. “Wait seven whole fucking months and ‘maybe’ I’d get to fight? Are you stupid? What are you saying mate? I asked for May vs. ANYONE!”

And violated the bro-code to prove it.

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