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Israel Adesanya continues to troll Paulo Costa mercilessly following UFC 253 fight

After taking months of abuse from his Brazilian opponent, Israel Adesanya is working Paulo Costa over on the Internet following his UFC 253 win.

The beef between Israel Adesanya and Paulo Costa didn’t end at UFC 253. If anything, it’s just gotten bigger.

Costa spent the majority of 2020 attacking the Middleweight champion with endless insults, some immature and others disrespectful, but all part of a campaign to get inside the head of “The Last Stylebender.” None of it worked — on fight night Adesanya dispatched Costa with relative ease, finishing the massive Brazilian in the second round with a flurry of ground-and-pound (watch the highlights here).

After the win, Adesanya added insult to injury with a series of moves designed to provoke as much anger from Costa and his camp as possible. All fair in love and war, as far as Adesanya was concerned. He considered Costa’s behavior to be straight up bullying, and this was just “the dog biting back.”

“I dedicate this fight to anyone, be it at school or at home, or even at work if your boss is grinding you,” Adesanya said following the win. “I dedicate this fight to you guys because you have to fight back. You can’t just take it all the time. You have to bite back.”

And apparently, the dog will continue to bite back. Check out some of Adesanya’s shots since his victory over the weekend:

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Mounted by a white beltch #Oss

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As the Internet got all hot and bothered over Adesanya’s disrespect, he started retweeting a whole slew of content to show everyone exactly what he thought of the backlash.

Izzy wasn’t joking when he said he was a master troll in his own right. Now that Costa is down and out, it looks like it’s Adesanya’s turn to kick his opponent while he’s down. And unfortunately for “Borrachinha,” we don’t think he’ll be getting that rematch any time soon.

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