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Colby Covington has already accepted Masvidal fight: ‘I am the King of Miami’

According to Colby Covington, he’s just waiting for Jorge Masvidal to sign on the dotted line to settle their long-standing grudge.

UFC Fight Night: Covington v Woodley Photo by Todd Lussier/Zuffa LLC

UFC Vegas 11 must have done some pretty good numbers for UFC on ESPN because the promotion now seems 100 percent on the Colby Covington hype train. It wasn’t always like this. Covington spent the early part of his career ignored by the promotion and the last couple years battling for better pay and better bookings. But, after taking out Tyron Woodley with ease and getting a call from President Trump on air, UFC is finally all in on “Chaos” ... despite the black cloud of negative energy that follows him to every fight.

UFC is now working to put together a long-awaited grudge match between Covington and former “best friend” and training partner Jorge Masvidal, also considered one of the biggest draws in the company right now.

“How do you not make that fight?” UFC President, Dana White, said after UFC 253 this past weekend. “That’s the fight that makes sense.”

And according to Covington, he’s already accepted the bout.

“Dana White came up to me after my fight immediately and said, ‘Hey, we want to do you versus Street Judas Masvidal,’” Covington revealed on Submission Radio. “I accepted right on that night, in that minute. So, he knows I’m on board, the UFC knows I’m on board. Now it’s just about getting Street Judas Masvidal on board. He’s scared. He’s scared of my shadow. If my shadow was around him, he’d be running. So, who knows if he’ll show up to the octagon. I definitely don’t want to have to beat him up on the streets of Miami, cause I am the King of Miami.”

Once again, Covington built up the legend of the one-sided training session beatdowns he put on Masvidal and Woodley.

“Oh, 100 percent with my sparring sessions with Street Judas Jorge Masvidal, I mean, they were violent,” Covington said. “I mean, he was unconscious multiple times. I left Woodley in a pool of his blood and unconscious once or twice, but Jorge Masvidal, it was 10 times the effect on him. I mean, he’s just the easier fighter. He’s a little guy. He’s got no heart. He’s a front runner. I know how he fights, and he’s emotional, more importantly. It would be so violent. I would feel so bad he’d leave in a body bag.”

“I wouldn’t feel bad because he’s a piece of s**t person, he’s a dirtbag, and he did turn his back on me for no reason. So, I promise you, it’s going to be violent and it’s going to be nasty. And he knows that, and that’s why he’s not saying anything, and he’s probably going to avoid this fight as long as he can.”

While we have our doubts about the veracity of Covington’s training room tales, he’s not wrong in his assessment of Masvidal’s position when it comes to fighting him. We saw “Gamebred” struggle against Kamaru Usman at UFC 251 with Usman using his superior wrestling to nullify all of Masvidal’s weapons. A fight with Covington would likely go the same way. We have a feeling Masvidal won’t accept another fight against a high caliber wrestler like Kamaru or Colby without a belt on the line ... or an extra zero on his paycheck.

So unless Covington gets that strap or UFC gets a lot looser with its purse strings, he may have to be satisfied with his self-styled “King of Miami” title.

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