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Video: Adesanya humps Costa like a dog, mocks corner after TKO win at UFC 253

After finishing Paulo Costa at UFC 253, Adesanya paid the Brazilian back for months of trash talk with some serious disrespect.


By now you’ve probably seen the kill shot and finishing highlights from the Israel Adesanya vs. Paulo Costa UFC 253 main event ... how could you not? Adesanya’s dominating performance was spread far and wide on all social networks. The world was wowed by how easy “Stylebender” made it look to defeat “jacked up muscle boy” Paulo Costa with his “Bruce Lee s**t.”

But, buried under that impressive display of mixed martial arts (MMA) was some less honorable behavior from the Middleweight champion. It’s no secret that Adesanya and Costa didn’t like each other, and that went beyond a public display to sell wolf tickets for their pay-per-view (PPV) fight on ESPN+. After the bout, Izzy paid Costa and his team team back for the months of trash talk and taunting that had gone on in the press and behind the scenes.

First there was the dog hump immediately after the referee stoppage:

Here’s another angle:

Adesanya then pulled off some intense breakdancing moves feet away from Costa’s limp body:

Adesanya also responded to Costa’s UFC 253 weigh-in taunt, where “Borrachinha” put on a Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt and tossed a white bath robe belt at Adesanya (watch it). “I wrap my dick around my waist, it’s a black belt!” Adesanya declared after the win.

And then “Stylebender” walked over to Costa’s corner and coaches and yelled, “I’ll come all over you!” while miming an exaggerated ejaculation on them.

So yeah ... the beef between Adesanya and Costa was definitely real, and we imagine it’s not over even after this one-sided affair. We feel sorry for whoever ends up in the cage across from Costa next. We imagine the poor soul will have to pay for all these frustrations and indignities Team “Borrachinha” just suffered at the hands of “The Last Stylebender.”

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