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Midnight Mania! Israel Adesanya responds to Colby Covington tirade, questions lack of media response

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Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Colby Covington’s gimmick for the last few years now has been to garner as much cheap heat as possible, saying anything offense and insulting to anyone in his general vicinity in the hopes of some reaction. Seeing as he received a phone call from President Donald Trump after his latest win, it’s certainly working to an extent, but “Chaos” pushes the line a bit farther each time.

Covington’s post-fight conversation with former opponent and current Welterweight kingpin Kamaru Usman was particularly ugly. The full transcription is available HERE, but asking Usman about “his tribe” and “smoke singles” pretty much covers the situation.

UFC’s other Nigerian champion, Israel Adesanya, has a problem with how media has handled Covington’s statements vs. his own controversial remarks.

“I mean, it just shows you the landscape of the media and what it is right now,” Adesanya said (transcription via MMAJunkie). “I made a joke about dropping Romero like the Twin Towers, and everyone lost their mind, even if I said it was a joke and it was pretty funny, but people took it as like I was being offensive and digging, but I was making a joke.

“This guy has directly insulted my culture, my brother and many other cultures and stuff and no one says anything, but it just shows you a mirror to you guys. So yeah, I don’t really care. Kamaru Usman broke his jaw.”

In general, the lack of coordinated response from UFC/Dana White regarding Covington’s comments has been disappointing. However, media has — at least to my knowledge — unanimously condemned Covington’s comments. Hell, we probably still have people debating on the MMA Mania Facebook page, yelling at us for labeling the Covington comments “racist.”

Ultimately, neither man suffered real consequences for their comments, which seems to be the current UFC strategy for dealing with controversy.

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Some very clean Israel Adesanya art ... in two different forms.

Man on fruit violence!

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Watermelon punch anyone?

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This match up reads like a classic “Stefan Struve gets beat up for the first round then scores a submission” fight. An oldie, but a goodie!

Post-fight interviews are back on in the cage in Fight Island, which makes sense given their far stricter quarantine protocols than Las Vegas.

Here’s celebrating the return of Thiago Santos, who is COVID free and ready to finally scrap with Glover Teixeira.

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Eu amo a capoeira! . I love capoeira!

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The times, they are a-changin!

Slips, rips, and KO clips

Once the leg stops listening to the command to check/evade, things are only going to go further downhill.


A piece of boxing history:

Random Land

I thought these life cycles of fruit were interesting and aesthetically pleasing!

Midnight Music: I do not much like the music ‘60s teen idol Bobby Vinton overall, but I do love his track “Mr. Lonely.” This recently released cover does it justice:

Sleep well Maniacs! More martial arts madness is always on the way.

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