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Video: Dana White flaunts luxury mega-suite as broke UFC fighters beg him for money

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White is living the good life over in Abu Dhabi, scoring the kind of mega-suite that chumps like you and I can only dream of. And to be fair, he’s more than earned it after turning UFC into a multi-billion dollar entity.

Just sucks that he has to flaunt it on social media while his broke fighters beg for money.

The promotion will spend the next five weeks on “Fight Island” to keep the mixed martial arts (MMA) gears turning. The UFC 253 pay-per-view (PPV) card lands this Sat. night (Sept. 26) followed by the “Holm vs. Aldana” event the week after.

The festivities conclude in late October with UFC 254.

Meanwhile, a judge is expected to rule on the merits of a class-action lawsuit later this month, one filed by former fighters who claim the promotion is in violation of antitrust laws. UFC, not surprisingly, has assembled a “powerhouse” team of attorneys in response.

I wonder if they have their own candy shop too?

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