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Midnight Mania! Joe Rogan apologizes for Portland fires misinformation

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UFC 249 Spann v Alvey Photo by Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images

Welcome to Midnight Mania!

I don’t know if he has an official approval rating, but there are few men more beloved in America than Joe Rogan. The comedian and podcaster has an incredibly loyal following — I personally never got more hate emails for my writing than when I criticized an off-night of commentary! At any rate, his following is one so large and dedicated that his podcast alone was worth an $100 million deal with Spotify.

Unfortunately, more money has indeed produced more problems for the new Texan, as Rogan has received more criticism and complain than usual since the Spotify deal was announced. Fans are mad about previous episodes being unavailable due to controversial content, while some Spotify employees are upset about his views in general.

To add to the turmoil, Rogan recently — in his own words — “f*cked up” by repeating some misinformation regarding arsonists in Portland.

If there’s a silver lining, Rogan’s apology is both prompt (the Douglas Murray JRE went up yesterday!) and seemingly quite genuine. As one of the biggest platforms in media, Rogan definitely does have a responsibility to do his research, but that does not mean he is immune to human error.

Jaime, pull that up!

Shameless Self-Promotion

I accepted a short-notice fight for the Global Legion FC Flyweight title on September 26th in Tampa, Florida! For each of my previous professional fights, I’ve raised funds to cover camp costs via my banner, in which members of the Mania community can get their name/nickname/username on the banner via a $5 or more donation. The promotion has rules against advertising during their shows, so the banner is unlikely to make it into the actual cage, but it will still be signed and raffled to a random supporter.

For anyone reading who enjoys my writing and would like to support/enter the raffle, I have Venmo (AndyLRichardson), PayPal (, and a GoFundMe. There will be a PPV stream link that I’ll include here as well once I have it ... Let’s bring home a belt, y’all!


Remember that story about Diego Sanchez’s coach chasing around Emil Meek with a knife? THERE’S A VIDEO!

At the risk of being a touch hyperbolic, Tony Ferguson vs. Charles Oliveira sounds like the most fun match up imaginable, and “Do Bronx” wants it.

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Essa é a luta que todos nós queremos @danawhite por favor me dê essa oportunidade, quero monstrar que eu sou o cara dessa categoria, são 7 vitória seguidas, 5 finalizações e 2 nocautes em uma categoria muito difícil. Pouco a pouco conquistei o meu espaço, venho melhorando e evoluindo todos dias e sei que em novembro eu vou estar pronto para a luta que tanto espero. @tonyfergusonxt faça essa luta acontecer vai ser uma guerra os fãs querem ver nós dois lutando, e só olhar na internet. todos falam sobre essa luta eu topo e você, vai me dar essa oportunidade? @jorgepatinomacaco @diegolimacb @laercioarena @leealves.boxe @ali14764 @cicerocoutinho @gia.santos77 @weidacordeiroassessoria @arenagymguaruja_oficial @charlesoliveiragoldteam @macacogoldteamoficial @macacogoldteamguaruja @chuteboxesp @sorridentsguaruja @oticastarget @terrace_construtora @riosburguer @fisiocardiosantos @nutricionistavictorsilvestre @wtstattoo @protetorbucalforcefield @guarujasuplementos @stormstrongbr @canalcombate @ufc_brasil @minotauromma That’s the fight everybody wants to see @danawhite please, give me this opportunity! I’m going to show that i’m THE GUY in this category. I have 7 straight wins, 5 submissions and 2 knockouts in a very competitive and high level UFC category. I’ve dominated my space step by step, but I’m still improving and working hard every single day I know that by November I’m gonna be ready to fight like a warrior. @tonyfergusonxt Make this fight happen, it’s going to be just like a war Fans want to see both of us fighting, you can just look it up on social media. Everybody’s talking about this fight. I’m all in, what about you? Are you going to give me this opportunity? @jorgepatinomacaco @diegolimacb @laercioarena @leealves.boxe @ali14764 @cicerocoutinho @gia.santos77 @weidacordeiroassessoria @arenagymguaruja_oficial @charlesoliveiragoldteam @macacogoldteamoficial @macacogoldteamguaruja @chuteboxesp @sorridentsguaruja @oticastarget @terrace_construtora @riosburguer @fisiocardiosantos @nutricionistavictorsilvestre @wtstattoo @protetorbucalforcefield @guarujasuplementos @stormstrongbr

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Some stats around Colby Covington vs. Tyron Woodley:

This is a genuinely interesting introduction to the women’s Flyweight division for Jessica Andrade.

Paul Felder wants a piece of Michael Chandler, and while it may not be the most high-profile choice for Chandler’s debut, it’s guaranteed action.

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Petr Yan’s wrestling defense has never appeared anything but excellent inside the Octagon, but it’s likely even better now!

Slips, rips, and KO clips

The “SOUND UP” captions usually aren’t worth it, but this is a solid clunk.

Simultaneous lands sends one man down to the mat:

Niko Price has the strangest knockout power in the sport.

Random Land

Somehow, I’ve saved like three different cool crocodile/alligator clips in the last week as potentials for this section. So ... I guess it’s gator night!

Annoying little friend..

Posted by Glenn Manning on Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Midnight Music: I watched a nearly three hour documentary on the band Swans immediately before writing all of this, so it would be dishonest to post anything else, but ... be aware the following is far too abrasive for many listeners.

Sleep well Maniacs! More martial arts madness is always on the way.

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