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Pic: Georges St-Pierre returns as ‘Batroc’ for Marvel’s ‘Falcon & Winter Soldier’ on Disney+

Captain America may have retired his shield at the end of the last Avengers movie, but that won’t stop Disney from milking the brand for every last drop by way of its new digital streaming service, which goes by the unique and trend-busting name “Disney+.”

Coming to the superhero-friendly platform in 2021 is Falcon & The Winter Soldier, a sort of Riggs & Murtaugh type of pairing that features two prominent protagonists from the Captain America films (and expanded Marvel Universe).

Along with a certain villain you may be familiar with.

Former UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre will reprise his role as “Batroc” (a.k.a. Batroc the Leaper), described as a villain with no superhuman abilities, “but is in peak physical condition and is an Olympic-level weightlifter with extraordinary agility and reflexes and is an expert in hand-to-hand combat who specializes in Savate, a French style of kickboxing.”

Hopefully Batroc has a chance to redeem himself in Falcon & The Winter Solider, considering how badly he got his ass whooped by Captain America his last time out.

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