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Woodley: Nick Diaz has done enough to be inducted into UFC Hall of Fame

Maybe in the Televised Brawls wing?

Does Nick Diaz deserve to be in the UFC Hall of Fame?

I guess that depends on your opinion of the “Hall” itself, since UFC is a brand and not a sport. Perhaps that’s why former welterweight champion Tyron Woodley is in favor of having Diaz join the hallowed halls after his combat sports career comes to a close.

“I think he’s done enough in his career, in my opinion, to be inducted into the Hall of Fame,” Woodley told TMZ Sports. “He was one of the original bad boys. There’s some people in the Hall of Fame that had never won a world title, whether it’s just a fight, there’s so many different categories of it.”

From “washed up” to Hall of Fame in less than two years!

Diaz, 37, has not competed in over five years and has just one victory since crossing over from Strikeforce back in early 2011, a unanimous decision win over BJ Penn. With a record of 26-9 (2 NC), you can argue the well-traveled Diaz was more successful outside the Octagon.

“When you think about it, he came over from Strikeforce, he had a crazy reputation then, and I think you’ve got to take some of that into account when you’re thinking about a Hall of Fame inductee,” Woodley continued. “They bought the organization, they bought the rights to all those fights, so I think the accolades have to come with that.”

Diaz is rumored to be making his UFC return at some point in 2021.

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