Pro Fight No. 4: Five Rounds For A Flyweight Title


Ladies and gentleman, we are back in business.

After a longer layoff and far stranger year than anticipated, I accepted a short-notice fight for the Global Legion FC Flyweight strap. The event is scheduled just 13 days from today, but fortunately, I'm basically already four or five weeks into a fight camp. My weight is low, I've been working hard, and I'm ready to go.

My opponent is Pablo Caballero. He's 7-7 as a pro, but he's won three of his last four, including a knockout win over TUF vet Jaime Alvarez.

As with my previous fights, I will be raising funds to cover fight camp costs and a cornerman flight. Anyone who donates $5 or more gets their name/nickname/username on the banner, and I will give it to one randomly selected Maniac/supporter after the bout.

Unfortunately, due to the promotion's strict rules on sponsorships, I may not be allowed to actually bring the banner into the cage. I will still sign and ship it, but that may be the case ... In the event that the fight is canceled for any reason, the donation will carry towards my next bout instead.

Previous banner winners:

  1. kg 12 (gifted from another Maniac)
  2. D'Locc
  3. Joben
Anyone interested can donate to my venmo (AndyLRichardson), PayPal (, or the latest GoFundMe page.

As always, all the support I receive from this site is hugely appreciated. I love you guys. Let's bring home some MFing gold!

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