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Surprise! USADA reps ambush Conor McGregor on private yacht, Mac cries ‘I’m retired!’

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) lightweight champion Conor McGregor was chilling on a private yacht earlier this morning ahead of his charity bike race with Princess of Monaco, when some old familiar faces dropped by to say hello.

Reps from United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA).

And even though McGregor, 32, claims he’s retired from mixed martial arts (MMA), he has yet to officially withdraw from the USADA testing pool, which means he’s subject to out-of-competition drug testing whenever the agency deems it appropriate.

“What’s going on here UFC? USADA have just arrived to my yacht this morning for testing,” McGregor wrote on social media. “I’ve retired guys! But go on then, I’ll allow them test me. It’s all natural here baby! Forever and always. God Bless. 180km across the Mediterranean Sea tomorrow! LET’S GO!!”

McGregor (22-4) has competed just twice over the last four years, wasting most of his athletic prime living on the millions he made with Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Proper No. 12 Whiskey. Not that any of us would have done it any differently, it’s just a shame to miss out on so many great fights (like this).

Since nobody is falling for his latest retirement shtick, based on the fact that McGregor is still in the USADA testing pool, it’s up to UFC to find “Notorious” a fight interesting enough to lure the power-punching Irishman back into the Octagon at some point after this.

See you in 2021?

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