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Bellator 245 results: Live streaming play-by-play updates | ‘Davis vs Machida 2’

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Bellator 245
Davis vs Machida 2
Bellator MMA

Bellator 245: “Davis vs. Machida 2” is set to air tonight (Fri., Sept. 11, 2020) from Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Connecticut. Two former Light Heavyweight champions face off in the main event as “Mr. Wonderful” Phil Davis (21-5, 1 NC) pits himself against “The Dragon” Lyoto Machida (26-9).

Bellator 245’s main card will start at 10 p.m. ET on Paramount and DAZN (watch it here) with “Prelims” undercard bouts via YouTube at 7:15 p.m. ET. will deliver results for the full card and comprehensive play-by-play for the televised portion of Bellator 245’s card below.

Many readers check in before, during and after the fights to share their thoughts on all of the action. Feel free to leave a comment (or 245) about the bouts and chat with all the other Maniacs during the show — it’s always a lot of fun!


Phil Davis vs. Lyoto MachidaDavis SD 28-29, 29-28 X2.
Cat Zingano vs. Gabby HollowayZingano UD 29-27, 30-26 X2.
Ed Ruth vs. Taylor JohnsonJohnson sub (inverted heel hook) 0:59 R1.
Raymond Daniels vs. Peter StanonikNO CONTEST (foul) 1:00 R2.
Rafael Carvalho vs. Alex PolizziPolizzi UD 30-27 X3.
Leslie Smith vs. Amanda BellSmith UD 29-28 X3.
Tyrell Fortune vs. Jack MayNO CONTEST (foul) 2:42 R1.
Keith Lee vs. Vinicius ZaniLee UD 30-27, 29-28 X2.


Phil Davis vs. Lyoto Machida

The 26-9 Machida makes his way out first in the white trunks and blue gloves. As per his usual Mr. Davis has the pink trunks on, sporting red gloves for this fight, record of 21-5, 1 NC before this fight. Machida hails from Belem, Brazil and fights out of California. Davis hails from Harrisburg, PA and fights out of San Diego, CA. Our referee is Dan Miragliotta.

Round 1: Both men gauge the range and distance for the first minute, exchanging leg kicks. Machida’s unorthodox karate stance is on full display, waving his hands around in front of Davis, leaning forward and leaning back. Davis keeps his left hand loose and his right hand tucked near his chin. Body kick by Machida as we pass the two minute mark. Davis throws a high kick. He pumps the left jab and circles to the left. Leg kick from Davis. Machida throws a high kick that’s checked. Body kick by Davis. Davis misses with the right kick and pumps the left hand. Machida is backing up toward the cage. Another push kick to the body from Davis. And another. Body kick by Davis. High kick. High kick that’s checked. 10-9 Davis.

Round 2: Davis dances in front of Machida and switches his stance. Right kick to the body from Davis. Davis continues to pump the jab, but it’s his kicks to the body and leg that are doing the damage. Both men trade kicks at the halfway point. Machida’s head kick is checked. Davis zings him with a right hand but Machida recovers quickly. Teep kick from Davis. Four minutes gone. Machida misses with a leg kick. Davis circles to the right and keeps Machida backpedaling. Body kick from Davis. Leg kick from Machida. Davis goes for a single leg. Machida gets back up but gets a warning for grabbing the fence. 10-9 Davis.

Round 3: Davis isn’t changing up his game plan much from the first two rounds. He’s using his speed to attack Machida and avoid the counter shots back. Machida gets a leg kick here or there but not much else. Davis is mixing body shots into his arsenal as the fight wears on to the delight of his corner. Body kick by Davis. 2:30 left. Machida nearly connects with a left hook but it’s not flush. Right kick high for Davis. Left jab. Both men are trying to read each other’s footwork. Leg kicks back and forth. Machida misses with his teep kick. Machida with a left jab to the chin. 40 seconds left. Right kick high scores for Davis. Kick jab kick. 10 seconds. Left kick high for Machida. Right hook for Davis. 10-9 Davis.

Final result: 29-28 Machida, 29-28 Davis, and 29-28 for Davis by split decision.

Cat Zingano vs. Gabrielle Holloway

Zingano brings a pro record of 10-4 to this contest, while Holloway brings a record of 6-5. Zingano weighed in at 145.9 but Holloway came in significantly over at 150.7, forcing this to be a 150 lb. catchweight bout. Holloway has on the blue gloves, black trunks with white trim, and neon green top. Zingano has the silver trunks, black body suit and red gloves. Holloway fights out of Fayetteville, NC. Zingano fights out of San Diego, CA. The referee for this bout is Kevin MacDonald.

Round 1: There’s no glove tap at the start. Holloway immediately tags Zingano with a right hand and Zingano responds by tying her up and tripping her to the ground at 22 seconds. Zingano takes side control and works her way up looking for submission openings. She goes for the arm bar but Holloway slips out and they jump back to the feet. Zingano throws a head kick and shoots Holloway into the fence. Zingano fires off knees at close range. Holloway turns her around at 3:03 but Zingano turns her right back into the fence. Right shoulder strike to the chin from Zingano. She continues to fire off knees and finally gets a body lock takedown at 3:47 to regain side control. Right elbow on top. 10-9 Zingano.

Round 2: Zingano lands a body and a leg kick, throws a right, goes for the body lock takedown and almost lets Holloway on top in the process. She recovered the position though and winds up in full guard stacking up Holloway to land short shots to the body. Holloway keeps trying to tie her arms up to avoid the elbows and fists. Two minutes gone. Zingano steps over to half guard and lands a hard elbow. She gets her right leg free and takes full mount with under two minutes left. Another hard elbow on top. Holloway pushes off the fence with her feet to momentarily break free. Zingano transitions to her back looking to get her hooks in. Another dominant 10-9 for Zingano.

Round 3: Zingano throws Holloway to the ground 11 seconds into this round. Holloway gets up at 47 seconds but eats a knee in the process. Holloway gets a takedown of her own at 1:15 and gets full mount. Zingano keeps it chest to chest but Holloway manages to posture up for some elbows at 2:05. Zingano keeps turning with her feet on the bottom looking for a possible escape. Holloway throws elbows to the head and Zingano sweeps her at 3:02 and is on top in half. Holloway gets back to her feet at 3:47 and Zingano throws her right back down to take side control. Zingano takes the back at 4:12 with both hooks in. Hard right hands to the head to the bell. You could make an argument either way but I’ll go ahead and say 10-9 Holloway. Both women share a hug after the bell.

Final result: The judges score it 29-27, 30-26 X2 for Zingano by unanimous decision.

Ed Ruth vs. Taylor Johnson

Johnson has the black trunks, blue gloves, and a pro record of 5-1. Ruth has black trunks, red gloves, and a pro record of 8-2. Johnson weighed in 185.7 and Ruth 185.1. Johnson has a 73” reach to Ruth’s 79”. Johnson fights out of Sisters, Oregon. Ruth fights out of San Jose, California by way of Harrisburg, PA. Our referee in charge is Todd Anderson.

Round 1: Both men tap gloves two seconds after the opening bell. Ruth quickly goes for a takedown and Johnson tries to counter it into a heel hook. Ruth tries to spin his way out of it but he can’t get free and Johnson gets the tap at 0:59!

Final result: Taylor Johnson wins via submission (heel hook) at 59 seconds of round one.

Raymond Daniels vs. Peter Stanonik

Daniels is 2-1, Stanonik is 4-4. Daniels weighed in 169.7 and Stanonik was 166.6. Stanonik has on white trunks and blue gloves, and he fights out of Ewing, Texas. Daniels has on black trunks and red gloves, and he fights out of Orange, California. The referee in charge for this contest is Jason Herzog.

Round 1: With a high-five touch of gloves we are underway. Daniels has already thrown two spin kicks in the first 20 seconds. Stanonik has his hands up high and he’s trying to bob and weave. He takes an accidental kick to the cup and signals to Herzog he’s good to continue. Daniels is off balance from a kick to the body and Stanonik jumps on top to quickly take a full mount. Daniels moves him to half guard as he looks for a chance to get back up. Daniels regains his feet at 2:38. Daniels attacks with the right hand. Stanonik walks toward Daniels and takes a knee up the middle. Daniels nearly trips Stanonik to the ground and throws a head kick that grazes as Stanonik regains his balance. One minute left in R1. Daniels continues to set up the right hand with the left baiting Stanonik in, then using it for an overhand or an uppercut. 10-9 Daniels.

Round 2: Stanonik checks a spinning high kick eight seconds into the round. Daniels flicks out the right hand and then hits a spin kick to the cup that drops Stanonik to his knees, spitting out his mouthpiece and groaning in pain in the center of the cage. For those of you who didn’t see the preliminary action, the Tyrell Fortune vs. Jack May fight ended in a no contest under similar circumstances. Stanonik is able to recover but 10 seconds later he gets kicked in the junk AGAIN.

Round 3:

Final result:

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