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Video: Post-op Ben Askren takes new hip for a spin, lands potshot on Sean O’Malley

Ben Askren retired from Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) late last year after suffering back-to-back losses to Jorge Masvidal (knockout) and Demian Maia (submission). It’s the second time “Funky” has called it quits and appears to be the last.

After all, he’s not a dick.

Askren, 36, went under the knife on Tuesday to repair a faulty hip, no doubt a byproduct of his wrestling lifestyle. How much that nagging injury played a part in his unsuccessful run inside the Octagon is unknown, but surgery should help him with mobility moving forward.

Take notes, Mr. “Sugar.”

“See, Sean O’Malley’s faking an ankle injury,” Asken said. “Needed a fucking stretcher. I’m like four hours post-op from my hip, and Lisa’s got me walking already. Sean, toughen up a little bit, son.”

O’Malley blamed an ankle injury for his loss to bantamweight veteran Marlon Vera last month in Las Vegas and despite the blowback from the mixed martial arts (MMA) community, “Sugar” appears to have doubled down on his “undefeated” mindset.

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