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‘Struggling’ Jessica Eye ‘begging for help’ following Staph infection, surgery

I don’t know much about the personal life of UFC flyweight Jessica Eye or how she ended up alone in this situation, but I do know that if “Evil” is turning to Twitter for guidance at one of the lowest points of her career, then she must be in a pretty desperate place.

For anyone who hasn’t been there I can assure you, it sucks.

“It is now Sept. 1 and I am in need of help,” Eye wrote on Twitter. “I am not sure where to turn right now with what to do next. I feel the doctors took out my organ and just said, ‘Figure it out.’ I am struggling deeply to eat, feel good, and get back to any type of physical activity. I don’t know what to do anymore and I feel I am inadequate to get myself through this and be able to return to normal life and the Octagon! If anyone can point me in directions to get help, I am begging. I just don’t know what to do now and I don’t want to just give up.”

It’s been a rough couple of months for the “Evil” flyweight.

Health issues contributed to her bungled weight cut ahead of UFC on ESPN 10 back in June, which preceded her five-round unanimous decision loss to the once-beaten Cynthia Calvillo. The end result was gall bladder surgery, which also left her with Staph infection.

“I missed weight, devastated, mortified, repulsed by myself and to others [it] just looked like I didn’t care [about] my opponent or my career,” Eye continued. “Post-fight I would face many challenges within my team. The opinions of what I need to do moving forward would drive me away and push me deeper into this sad and lonely place. I just felt like I was dealing with something different than everyone else and no one understood.”

Eye, who turned 34 back in July, has won four of her last six and remains ranked at No. 5 in the division, so clearly the “Evil” veteran still has plenty left in the tank. Hopefully the team at UFC Performance Institute can help Eye get back on track, or at least refer her to someone who can.

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