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Derrick Lewis stops Aleksei Oleinik with flying knee and punches | UFC Vegas 6

UFC Fight Night Lewis v Oleinik: Weigh-Ins Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Derrick Lewis and Aleksei Oleinik face off tonight (Sat. Aug. 8, 2020) in a main event Heavyweight clash from inside UFC APEX in Las Vegas, Nevada. Heavyweight doesn’t do small portions, so when the main event promises a style clash, it’s going to be extreme! Lewis pits his swang-n-bang mantra against Oleinik’s head-squeezing style, and someone will almost certainly get finished.

Both men were given a chance to ply their skills, as Oleinik did land some good positions on the mat. However, Lewis was simply too volatile on the feet, as he exploded in the second round to wipe his opponent out.

Round One
Lewis opens with a huge high kick and big right hand swing. Lewis rushes forward into the clinch, and Oleinik starts searching for his Ezekiel choke. Lewis throws Oleinik to the mat and takes top position. Oleinik starts diving beneath the legs and out the backdoor, but Lewis maintains top position. Oleinik clings to the head to prevent damage, but there’s not yet a submission there. Oleinik sits up into a single leg and takes his foe down! Oleinik starts leaning back into his scarf-hold headlock! Lewis escapes and regains top position. Oleinik lands another half-guard sweep and attacks the head lock again. It looks tight, but Lewis is surviving. Oleinik starts attacking the Americana from side control, but time runs out.
Round Two
Lewis jumps into a big knee then drops his opponent with a heavy right hand! Oleinik tries to come up onto a single leg, but Lewis creates separation and hammers him into unconsciousness.

Result: Derrick Lewis defeats Aleksei Oleinik via second-round knockout

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