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Tyron Woodley expects Colby Covington to rely on racism, personal attacks to hype upcoming UFC fight

Former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley is planning to face longtime rival (and ex-teammate) Colby Covington in a 170-pound grudge match at some point later this year, perhaps as soon as late September or early October.

Once the promotion (finally) rubber stamps their overdue showdown, Woodley is expecting Covington to pull out all the stops, which include racism and personal attacks. Not just to hype the fight, but to also work his way inside Woodley’s head.

Wouldn’t be the first time.

“He’s gonna try to use everything in mental warfare,” Woodley told Mike Swick. “He’s going to try to be racist, he’s going to try to talk about stuff from my personal life, he’s gonna bluff and make up shit about the gym. He’s going to ask all these daggone questions cause he was in St. Louis with me so anything he can turn into something he’s going to do that. Guess what? I’m going to match him and make him look stupid.”

Woodley has a few personal attacks of his own.

Working in Covington’s favor is the fact that Woodley, who turned 38 back in April, is coming off back-to-back losses to Kamaru Usman and Gilbert Burns. Performances that left many fans (and pundits) questioning if “The Chosen One” was finally past his expiration date.

No doubt a fight against “Chaos” will give us that answer.

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