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Pedro Munhoz works too hard to get ‘screwed by poor judges,’ demands immediate Frankie Edgar rematch

We can all agree that the five-round war between Pedro Munhoz and Frankie Edgar — which headlined UFC on ESPN 15 last Saturday night (Aug. 22, 2020) — was an impressive technical fight between two of the very best.

Furthermore, I’m sure most would’ve been okay with whatever decision was made after the dust cleared since the fight was very close throughout the 25 minutes of back-and-forth action. But when a fight is that close, one side of the equation is obviously going to be unhappy. That’s the case with Munhoz, who demanded an instant rematch against “The Answer” after he feels was he was screwed by “poor judges” who were starstruck by Edgar.

“I’ve always done my talking in the octagon but this needs to be said. I work too hard to get screwed by poor judges who have no training and even less accountability,” write Munhoz on his Instagram account.

“Look at the stats and the damage. Look at the 17 of 20 media sites who agreed I won, 7 of which had it 49-46. Tell me how the deciding judge gave round 3 to Frankie. He’s a legend, but I won that fight and want a rematch now.”

See the official scorecards here.

The loss was a crucial one for “The Young Punisher” since it marked his second straight defeat, previously losing to current No. 1 contender, Aljamain Sterling. And as is the case with the majority of UFC fighters, it also meant that the Brazilian bomber went home with only half of his paycheck.

The chances of getting a rematch, however, are slim-to-none seeing as how it wasn’t a title fight and it didn’t end in controversial fashion (like this). As far as Edgar goes, he likely won’t want to run it back either since he has his eyes set on the title, so facing Munhoz again would only impede the process.

If Munhoz doesn’t get his do-over, perhaps he can take out his frustrations on this man.

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