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Some sucker lost $25,000 betting on Agapova vs. Dobson at UFC Vegas 7

Crazy bets continue to come in on UFC fights with new arrivals to the sport apparently not realizing yet that anything can — and often does — happen in the cage.

This week’s edition of, “Sucka lost his bag” comes to you care of UFC on ESPN 15’s Mariya Agapova vs. Shana Dobson fight, which saw the hyped Kazakh Agapova coming in the wild -1400 favorite to Dobson’s +800 dog status. The hype for Agapova was strong, but we don’t know if it was $25,000 strong, especially not at -1400 odds. But players gonna play, and get played ...

You read that right: some dummy risked $25,000 to potentially earn $1,775. On the flip side, he or she could have bet just $222 on Dobson to hit the same earn out. And if you really want to engage in some fantasy sports booking, $25,000 on Dobson would have generated $200,000 in profit.

As for how the fight went?

Agapova blitzed Dobson hard in the first round, throwing everything but the kitchen sink at the TUF veteran in an attempt to put her away. But Dobson survived and in round two Agapova was clearly gassed and wobbly on her feet. Dobson took her to the mat and put her away with some punishing ground and pound 1:38 into the second (watch the highlights here).

It was the biggest dog win in the history of UFC, toppling Holly Holm’s +700 dog win over Ronda Rousey.

“I stumbled upon the odds last week when I was trying to bet, trying to make some money on the fights last week,” Dobson said during the UFC Vegas 7 post-fight press conference. “And I was like, ‘Damn, they really done me!’ So you know, that was a little more fuel in the tank for me.”

Her message for the anonymous bettor that lost all that money?

“Damn, sorry man,” she said with a laugh. “If you bet $25,000 on me, hit me up. Cash at me, gimme some of that!”

We’re sure there are several people out there who made bank off Dobson’s win, but we have our doubts they’ll share their winnings. Fortunately for Dobson, she also earned herself a “Performance of the Night” bonus off that finish worth $50,000.

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