David Nathan Strapp (TomSelleck23), 1959-2020

Note: lost longtime community member David Nathan Strapp, who loved creating usernames that started with "Tom Selleck." I once asked him to explain why and he succinctly replied, "no." Most recently known as TomSelleck23, David succumbed to cancer earlier this month at the age of 61.

Here is an excerpt from one of his last posts on Mania:

"Cancer kills but with luck you live long enough to have a blast while you last. Almost passed today and might tonight so saying my goodbyes to some of the best dudes I’ve never met. Can’t name you all now but know this: MANIAC FOR LIFE. David Nathan Strapp. Named for my brother Nathan David Strapp who passed in 1958 a year before I was born at age 1. A fighter his whole short life. Never met him but he’s been in me all this time fighting to live. Love and peace bitches. Tom out."

Below is the original post from friend and Mania elder statesman "Taiter."


It's with a heavy heart and much sadness, I ran across Thomas's obituary just now. I've been thinking about him a lot because he hasn't been around and obviously we knew the fight he was fighting. I was hoping I would never find this and he would just come back to Mania, with one of his hilarious witty comments. Sadly, that's not gonna be the case and I'm going to miss you Thomas (David).

I hope you are at peace and have now met your older brother, who I was just asking (in your thread), if that was him in your profile pic. Weird, I won't get the answer from you but I have a funny feeling I know the answer.

I love ya Brother!

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