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Frankie Edgar splits Pedro Munhoz in back-and-forth brawl | UFC on ESPN 15

UFC Fight Night: Munhoz v Edgar Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC

Frankie Edgar and Pedro Munhoz face off tonight (Sat. Aug. 22, 2020) in a main event Bantamweight clash from inside UFC APEX in Las Vegas, Nevada. After a long career and real success fighting larger opponents, former champion Edgar finally heads down to 135 lbs. tonight. However, Munhoz is a damn tough opponent, a veteran of elite competition with knockout power in his hands and nasty jiu-jitsu.

One man will leave the cage as a Bantamweight contender.

These two put on a hell of a fight. Munhoz ripped a ton of hard low kicks, but Edgar fired back in combination and landed some heavy crosses. All in all, it was another 25-minute war, and both men had an argument for the victory.

Round One

Munhoz stalks his foe early, throwing his right calf kick twice and landing a right hand. Edgar returns with a combination. Edgar scores with a right hand counter but absorbs another low kick. The two trade big shots. Edgar lands with a jab, Munhoz returns the favor. Munhoz lands with a solid left hook. Munhoz times his opponent with an overhand. Munhoz is really finding his range and cutting off the cage well with two minutes remaining in the round. Edgar lands to the body. 2-3 combination lands hard for Munhoz. Munhoz digs a snap kick to the mid-section, then Edgar lands a combination. Edgar eats a low kick but lands two clean shots on the counter to end the round.

Round Two

Edgar lands a heavy right hand early in the second. Edgar’s first couple takedown attempts are denied, but he lands an uppercut. Munhoz scores with a right hand. Edgar slips, and Munhoz capitalizes with a right hand and knee. Edgar sticks his foe with a jab and 1-2, but Munhoz lands a counter. Edgar scores his first takedown of the fight, but Munhoz pops back up very quickly. Edgar goes body-head with a combo. Sharp jab from the Brazilian. Solid spin kick lands for Edgar, who then scores another brief takedown. Both men are bloody. Edgar sticks his foe with an uppercut-left hook. Both men land in the pocket.

Round Three

Munhoz aggressive to start the third, firing jabs and right kicks. Edgar scores with a left. Edgar fires a combination and jab, but Munhoz blasts him with a body kick. Edgar lands a right over the shoulder. Munhoz’s jab is landing well. Munhoz lands a pair of low kicks, then Edgar fires back with two clean counters. A big left hook from Edgar knocks his foe backwards. Body-head combination lands for Edgar, then both men land jabs. Edgar’s leg is looking damaged. Clean left hook scores for Munhoz, who then rips another low kick. Munhoz stings his foe with a series of jabs.

Round Four

Edgar scores an early but brief takedown to start the fourth. Edgar sticks a pair of jabs. Munhoz stabs his foe with a jab, then eats a pair of hooks. Edgar lands with a right. Munhoz lands a body kick. Big Edgar combination scores with a heavy left hook at the end. Clean right hand scores for Edgar. Crisp cross lands for the Brazilian now. Edgar fires a combination but absorbs a wide swing in the process. Edgar’s jab is landing more often in the fourth, but Munhoz jabs right back. Edgar trades a right hand for a low kick. Munhoz’s stiff jab continues to land at a good clip. Munhoz’s right hand jacks the jaw once more just before the end of a close round.

Round Five

Munhoz stabs some front kicks towards his opponent to begin the final round. Edgar jumps into a left hook. Edgar absorbs a couple heavy low kicks then digs a body shot-uppercut combination. Edgar again lands to the body on the counter. The two both land huge punches in a heavy exchange. Edgar springs into a good right hand. Edgar lands a good combination then rolls beneath the counter. The two trade jabs then land simultaneous left hooks. Munhoz finds a home for a couple rights then sticks a jab. A right hand from Edgar wobbles his foe briefly! Munhoz fires right back with a low kick. Munhoz lands with an overhand. Edgar targets the body then rolls under a punch. Munhoz lands a right hand and kick near the bell.

Result: Frankie Edgar defeats Pedro Munhoz via split-decision (48-47, 46-49, 48-47)

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