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Sean O’Malley fires back at ‘lucky’ Marlon Vera: ‘I’ll be a world champion, he'll be a journeyman’

Marlon Vera recently slammed Sean O’Malley for allegedly looking for a way out of their Bantamweight bout at UFC 252 last weekend (Sat., Aug. 15, 2020), stating that his injured leg had nothing to do with his first-round knockout loss since x-rays came back fine.

Now, “Sugar” is firing back at “Chito,” saying that while he did end up getting one on him, when it’s all said and done he will end up being a world champion, while Vera will be nothing more than a journeyman.

“Let’s look at his career in five years, let’s look at mine,” O’Malley said on “The Timbo Sugar Show” (via MMA Fighting). “I’m going to be f**king world champion, he’s going to be a f**king journeyman. That’s just what his style is. He wins some, he loses some. He’s slow, but he’s gritty, so he’s going to be able to finish some people after they beat him up for a while. The way his pace was, super slow like that, and I was exploding into shots, I wasn’t gonna get tired and I was just gonna beat his ass.

“I don’t know if I was gonna get a finish in that first round,” he continued. “He was tough and he was patient, which was fine, because that’s easier for me, he wasn’t doing anything, he was standing there. It f**king sucks.”

After stopping “Sugar,” Vera’s natural reaction was to celebrate, especially after the two went at each other pretty hard, verbally, in the lead up to the bout. For O’Malley, however, his reaction of jumping on top of the cage was a bit too much for his liking.

Especially since he feels “Chito” got lucky in “Sin City.”

“Dude, I knockout Eddie Wineland, I peace,” O’Malley said. “That was easy. He gets lucky and beats me and jumps up like he just f**king won the lottery, that just showed me what kind of a b*tch he was.”

Despite finally mixing it up inside the Octagon, the tension is still running high between the two talented Bantamweights, though seeing them run it back won’t happen anytime soon if Vera has a say in the matter.

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