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EA UFC 4 is super realistic, right down to crappy fighter pay

EA UFC 4 gets a lot of things right in career mode, including the ridiculously low pay being offered at all levels of the sport.


EA UFC 4 is set to come out on August 14th for Playstation 4 and Xbox One and is said to be the most realistic UFC game to date. Based on what some reviewers with early access to the video game are saying, it lives up to that hype ... and not always in good ways.

Fighter pay has been a big topic of discussion lately, what with GOAT contender Jon Jones sitting on the sidelines due to a salary dispute and double champ Henry Cejudo walking away rather than continuing to fight for his current set rate. For a while it looked like the promotion’s new biggest star Jorge Masvidal might not compete in 2020 due to similar issues, and we’re still wondering whether he’ll be able to come to terms with the UFC on his next fight given the company generally refuses to offer athletes a cut of PPV revenue for non-title fights.

As the old EA Sports slogan used to say, ‘It’s in the game.’

Couchside Judges podcaster and Den of Geek writer Scott Fontana has been tweeting his experiences with the newest installment, and he’s noted how disappointingly accurate the payscale is for UFC fighters in career mode.

Yep, that’s right. In a game designed to provide a fantasy view of being a UFC fighter, a champion contract is $270,000 to show, $270,000 to win, with a $270,000 main event bonus and $1 per PPV buy bonus. One whole dollar! Out of the $64.99 ESPN+ charges ($84.95 if you get the 1 year ESPN+ bundle package). What an amazing deal!

Other interesting observations from Scott:

What do you think, Maniacs? Excited for the new EA UFC 4 game? Or are you holding out until they update it with a realistic day job simulator waiting tables for the first portion of career mode?